How does one find an honest tree surgeon

  bumpkin 22:38 16 Oct 2015

I have many trees that need attention probably 50 in all. I do not expect it to be cheap but do not wish to be ripped off. I frequently get knocks on the door from those saying "we will cut your trees cheap mister" well they can bugger of to start with. Look up local "tree surgeons" advertising as long established local tree experts and what do you get, a bunch of pikeys in flashly written up vans whon I would not trust one inch.

  Brumas 22:51 16 Oct 2015

Bumpkin found this click here might be the best place to start?

  Devil Fish 00:49 17 Oct 2015

sound out who your local council are using for parks and woodlands these are usually tendered out to private companies these days , If they cant do it themselves they may be able to recommend some one who can

  Quickbeam 07:00 17 Oct 2015

Try asking the manager of a local country park/estate, they have trees needing attention all the year round and have the trained staff that can probably be hired.

  natdoor 09:26 17 Oct 2015

Is there a branch of Streetlife in your neighbourhood? You ould probably get some reccomendations from members who have been happy with local companies. Or you could try Checkatrade or possibly an equivalent service run by the local council.

  spuds 09:45 17 Oct 2015

Ask your local council. Most council's have 'approved' lists of trade-persons, especially in this occupation for emergencies.

The other point to consider is if there are any type of orders on the trees, that might require permission, before any work can go ahead.

  Govan1x 10:25 17 Oct 2015

I would agree with spuds ask your council. Gardening department probably.

If you had been watching watchdog on the TV at the weekend you would be aware of the cowboys that are out there conning mostly pensioners with tree problems.

  bumpkin 12:12 17 Oct 2015

Thanks for your suggestions, I had not thought of the Council. That would seem the most reliable source, anyone can put a load of stickers on a van claiming to be this that and the other, which is what they do.

  spuds 12:22 17 Oct 2015

If you go the council route, then do not forget to ask if there are any type of orders on the trees. An 'approved' contractor would or should hold this information, the bloke or blokes knocking the door, wouldn't be bothered. Like wise the removal of items. The professional would most likely shred the material, where the others might just find the nearest country side lane.

The evidence might all come back to you, with a very hefty fine. And be assured, if the council find that the waste came from you, then they will prosecute. It's your responsibility to check, and make sure things are in order.

Cutting down or pruning back tree's might seem very simple, but it can have an awful sting in the tail if things are wrong.

  bumpkin 14:56 17 Oct 2015

I won't deal with anyone that I can't check out first as I am in no rush. I expect a capable team with the right equipment including safety gear and a giant mulcher and suitable vehicles to remove the mulch. I am sick of seeing tree cuttings and other rubbish dumped in country lanes but it is not an easy thing to police.

At the end of my road was a very handy little cut through lane, very narrow with a couple of passing spaces. Eventually it became a waste of time trying to even use it as I could get halfway then find a pile of rubbish blocking it and have to back up as no room to turn around, sometimes there were 2 or3 cars behind me and I had to get out and explain.

A local farmer started a petition to make it a bridle path only, which I agreed with, now it is an overgrown mess difficult to use even as a footpath and who do we thank for that (We all know) but dare not speak as the full wrath of the law will be on us instantly if there is any hint of descrimination so best let them carry on. Cheaper than a skip for building rubble as there are no fees down the lanes as there are at stupidly expensive appropriate sites.

About time I had a rant:-))

  Forum Editor 19:02 17 Oct 2015

When I needed a tree surgeon I asked two or three to call and give me a price. I asked each one to give me the numbers and addresses of a couple of recent customers, and I called those for a chat.

Then I made my decision, based on price and recommendation - it's the best way.

Good ones are not cheap. Mine charged me £900 to take down a very big Eucalyptus tree and take nearly all the waste material away. Included in the price he cut quite a bit of the branch timber into logs for my son's wood-burning stove.

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