How do you plan to do your Xmas shopping this year?

  PC Advisor 11:08 24 Nov 2011

Europeans to spend €52bn online in run up to Xmas, but how do you plan to do your online shopping this year?

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  Quickbeam 11:17 24 Nov 2011

I'll just nip down to the shops for my annual allocated Christmas shopping hour.

p.s. Did the FE grant a special dispensation to post this before tomorrow...?

  Matt Egan 11:18 24 Nov 2011

Uh-ho. Didn't mention it to FE. I sense an incoming silver-deleting mouse missile...

  Quickbeam 11:28 24 Nov 2011

Did you intend a poll link?

Bah, Humbug!

  anskyber 11:29 24 Nov 2011

Better post before the hand of fate strikes.

No planning needed, all bought and wrapped. Not intending to be smug, just a practical decision with a new puppy arrived a week ago.

Mostly online though and a few trips to real shops to finish off.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:54 24 Nov 2011

I will do most of my Christmas shopping online, sat in a nice, comfortable, crowd free, chair.

Now, though, I'm going to hide in my mouse-missile proof bunker.

  spuds 12:28 24 Nov 2011

I thought the X or C word was banned, but I did notice the FE use the C word the other day in one of his posts, and he didn't bother to delete it, so me might be on safe grounds here?.

But back to the subject, and the answer is on-line and local shopping. Must support local enterprise and the community. But then again, I am very fortunate to have many of the well known named stores within easy reaching distance, and the time to spare in visiting them?.

Would mention that I have near daily deliveries from various companies, and I notice that some courier drivers are already moaning about not having time to wait in delivering items (the card in the door syndrome). Is this an indicator to increased loads or the drivers already getting stressed out on the thoughts of what is 'to become'?.

Yesterday there was a very interesting article in the Sun newspaper (I think it was the Sun) about Amazon and their warehouse facility at Milton Keynes. Very impressive, especially as nothing apparently is sorted and just stacked on shelves, yet it can still be 'picked' in four minutes from anywhere in the warehouse, and then be wrapped or packed shortly after, with Royal Mail collecting after that. Must note that my last Amazon item, a book, was delivered yesterday by Hermes and not Royal Mail from Amazons's Scottish warehouse and was tracked to the door. Another impressive service.

  interzone55 12:40 24 Nov 2011

Already done mine.

Some done online, some on the high street.

Most of the neice's & nephews have got gift cards from the Post Office that can be used in many stores.

Even got my cards printed online this year, saving an afternoon swearing at my printer, then regretting not buying an extra cartridge as the last couple of cards turn out with a colour missing...

  wee eddie 13:03 24 Nov 2011

Must be the original Curmudgeon.

I've given up on the individual Christmas presents and now give Family Presents.

I use a local Farm Butcher, who breeds his own, and give each Family a Rib of Beef. Unfortunately they've had to give up Couriering their stuff all over the place and now only do local Deliveries. (Last year several Packages never made their Destination and they were unable to re-supply in time for the Season)

I sent out Cheques yesterday, to those that live too far away, with instructions, on what to order (needs, at least, a 20 day lead time) from the local Farmers Market or Specialist Butcher.

  johndrew 14:23 24 Nov 2011

'How do you plan to do your Xmas shopping this year?'

I think the term 'very frugally' could well apply as an answer here.

  Scillonia 15:10 24 Nov 2011


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