How do you keep a toe dressing dry in the shower?

  Brumas 10:14 04 Mar 2009

I have had a rather painful corn sorted out by the chiropodist, sorry podiatrist, and I have to keep the dressing dry for three days.
In the past my attempts to keep any type of dressing dry in the shower have always ended in total failure. Generally, I have enclosed the whole foot or hand in a plastic bag but still the water seeps in. I have cut the finger of a rubber glove and taped it round the offending digit but still the same result.

I can't function unless I have my daily shower and we don't have a bath so have any of you got any ideas?

  jack 10:32 04 Mar 2009

affected/infected foot out side the shower
This would me I imagine that if your shower has a door you will have to rig some sort of curtain.

  Grey Goo 10:38 04 Mar 2009

This weather just have a good wash round your bits and forget the shower for a couple of days.

  Brumas 10:46 04 Mar 2009

Tried that but the water somehow still seems to run down the leg in question - I shall have to try harder.

  Marko797 10:47 04 Mar 2009

when we resort to a forum instead of applying common sense...whatever next?

  Brumas 10:50 04 Mar 2009

Stop being so damn supercilious and Lighten up! - I have tried common sense and tips from the chiropodists and I still can't crack it!

  Brumas 10:51 04 Mar 2009

I think I am going to have to resign myself to that :o(

  newman35 10:55 04 Mar 2009

Wrap a facecloth around the ankle, then put plastic bag over and attach above facecloth level with strong elastic band.
Any small seepage will be collected by facecloth, and if you're quick enough the foot won't drop off through lack of blood circulation !!

  Marko797 11:00 04 Mar 2009

then frankly, u are in a sad way if you cannot resolve the wet dressing conundrum. Maybe u should sit in a quiet corner, get ur thinking cap on, and stay there until u sort it out. This is worse than the infamous 'tinned toma(toe)s'.

  newman35 11:03 04 Mar 2009

Give the guy a break - nobody is forcing you to follow this thread.
Why not go out and play with the traffic, instead?

  jack 11:04 04 Mar 2009

Do the wrap bit then sit on a stool with leg up or kneel.
Better yet get the blonde next door to come and hold the affected part out of the moisture[which bit was it that had a corn?];-}

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