How do you get rid of Mice?

  [DELETED] 13:17 06 Apr 2010

I'm in the 4th week of being under attack from these pests. I haven't actually seen any,just their droppings or traces of fur....Ive sealed most of the gaps created by the central heating pipe layout,and tried sprung traps\humane tunnel traps\glue pads and poison,all to no avail,so two weeks ago I called in a professional who laid down what he claims to be a special poison,but no results to date

In the meantime all working surfaces have to be cleaned before use,and bedding changed every day,PC turned off in my absence in case these super-mice read what Ive been saying about them.


  [DELETED] 11:28 07 Apr 2010

Your suggestions are appreciated, but was normal practice before the arrival of the mice,and though extra care is now taken they appear to be thriving.

Two weeks have past since the poison\wheat mix was laid down by the pro. vermin catcher that I called in,but it doesn't appear to have been touched,or for that matter any of the numerous traps\baits I have set out.

  [DELETED] 11:40 07 Apr 2010

This is an issue that concerns me,that is if I ever manage to poison any in the first place.

I did have a quick shoparound for a UV lamp to no avail

  lotvic 11:40 07 Apr 2010

One Dose, Alphakil from Rentokill 4% alphachloralose
is the only one that works for me. It looks like blue small crumb/chips. They don't get far after eating that, it's lethal.

I stopped using the poison/wheat mix (useless) as they seemed to enjoy that and even carried it off and made their own stores of it.

  [DELETED] 11:40 07 Apr 2010

Hi Jakimo

You will have real problems blocking up every potential access since we had the little pests coming in though airbricks. You really wouldn't believe field mice could get through such a small trap.

We resorted to bog standard traps (both wood and metal depending on what was available from the hardware store) but found that baiting them with raisins or sultanas was extremely successful. Just make sure that they they are rammed home securely on the spike. I would also recommend to set the traps so that they are on a hair trigger. Although they might accidentally spring from time to time, some traps seem to require a bit too much pressure to set them off.

Don't like poisons at all cos the little darlings tend to crawl off somewhere inaccessible to pop their clogs. You don't know how you're doing and, of course, it can lead to odours :-(

Good luck

  [DELETED] 11:48 07 Apr 2010

thinks you should try what sunnystaines suggested using two dishes, seems easy cost effective and should work immediately.

  lotvic 11:53 07 Apr 2010

It's only dead rats that stink

Dead Mice dry out so don't smell.

  [DELETED] 16:14 07 Apr 2010

I would, if you can, go for the cat option. Cats also get rid of most creepy crawlys (spiders, daddy long legs ect) they just try to catch anything that moves. Never been a fan of using poison in an occupied house, doesn't matter how careful you are accidents can happen, espeically if there are small kids about.

  morddwyd 19:55 07 Apr 2010

Although I had recent success with an old fashioned spring trap, I did have a bad infestation in the garage last year, and nothing seemed to work.

I eventually bought "Rentokil Fast Action Mouse Killer".

This is a pre baited plastic box, covered except for two mouse sized holes, so not much can get in except mice.

This wiped out my infestation virtually overnight, with no recurrence so far.

No smell, no mess, no handling, no risk. Just take it out of the box and put it down near a wall or some other run point.

Supposed to kill up to fifty, but I've no way of checking that!

  [DELETED] 20:18 07 Apr 2010

Its been hole filling day,its only a 20 year old house yet I keep finding places they can hide, so theres still many of your suggestions yet to be tried,hiring a cat for a week would be my preferred solution, you can hire every the else but not Maggie's, pity that, must reset the traps

  [DELETED] 20:34 07 Apr 2010

That's the stuff I was posting about earlier, puts them to sleep and they die in their sleep.

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