How do they do things at the price

  bumpkin 23:19 23 Feb 2015

I sometimes wonder how some items can be so cheap and how the seller makes any profit. A few examples from Ebay, a 13a switched socket £1.49 inc delivery. A universal mains adapter plug 99p also free delivery. Now take out the Ebay fees and the VAT. The order has to be dealt with, picked and packaged by someone. Even if they got the item free I can't see how it is worth their while.

  Quickbeam 07:59 24 Feb 2015

Stack it high and flog it cheap!

The profit is in the volume of sales.

  BT 08:31 24 Feb 2015

I wouldn't buy anything electrical from EBay. Having seen some of the shoddy, dangerous electrical products on consumer programs, that originate from China that are sold on the likes of Ebay, I'd sooner pay 50p more for a similar product from somewhere like Screwfix and be more confident that I'm buying a safe product.

  morddwyd 09:19 24 Feb 2015

A bit of a sweeping generalisation which is unfair to a large number of legit e-bay sellers.

While you have, perhaps to be a bit more circumspect about a sellers record, there are facilities for checking this.

  Quickbeam 10:02 24 Feb 2015

Ebay has become my first stop shop over the last few years.

From a 99p oven bulb to a £1000 camera, it's Ebay where I now look first!

  bumpkin 10:16 24 Feb 2015

Quality issues aside, I don't see how anyone can process an order and deliver it for less than £1.

  Quickbeam 10:18 24 Feb 2015

But they do...

  Quickbeam 11:06 24 Feb 2015

Ah, but how much more does it cost to travel to the shops rather than just press the buy it now button!

  HondaMan 11:35 24 Feb 2015

The phrase "sweat-shops" comes to mind :-(

  BT 12:31 24 Feb 2015

""Looking for a bulb for convector fan above the cooker.."

I've replaced the bulbs in my Cooker hood with 7w SES compact flourescent lamps. The old type cooker hood lamps barely lasted more than a couple of months and a little trial and error and measuring determined that the CFL lamps would fit. Two of these cost about the same as two cooker hood lamps and have now been in place at least 3 years.

"Quality issues aside"

A disabled friend of ours was complaining recently that her CFL lamps weren't lasting more than a few weeks and as she lives alone and has to get someone to change bulbs for her it was causing her some inconvenience (I can't do it as we live over 100 miles away). Turns out she was buying them cheaply on Ebay. Nuff Said!!

  bumpkin 12:56 24 Feb 2015

My point was not about quality or any particular item or even Ebay. I just used that as an example. I can understand the Pound Shop operation but once you involve ordering, packing and postage it hardly seems viable.

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