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How do they do that?

  Batch 12:01 26 May 2015

I'm sure this sort of thing must have been discussed here before. Nevertheless, it still leaves me gobsmacked.

I purchased 10 round rubber "bumpers" (aka rubber feet about 22mm wide x 10mm deep) from a Chinese vendor on eBay 11 days ago. Including postage & packing it came to a grand total of 99p.

Arrived, via airmail, this morning.

How do they do that? I know their costs are low, but it just seems incredible to me.

  bumpkin 12:57 26 May 2015

Hi Batch, I asked virtually the same question a few months back, here is a link if you want to see the various replies click here

  Batch 13:34 26 May 2015

Thanks bumpkin.

It's the fact that the price includes airmail from China that really gets me. I realise the goods cost next to nothing (at bulk factory gate prices), although they surely still have to be bought in by the vendor, packaged up in small lots, pay staff for putting on eBay, pay eBay fees, pay for staff to package it up, the IT costs etc. etc.

And I presume that Royal Mail must (theoretically) take a cut for delivery?

  bumpkin 13:59 26 May 2015

Exactly my thinking, the only explanation I can think of is that given by chub_tor. Ours not to reason why, just to have a nice cheap buy:-))

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