How do spammers make money

  bumpkin 15:13 14 Sep 2015

Don't worry I am not thinking of taking it up for a living but just curious as to how it all works including bots.

  spuds 16:22 14 Sep 2015

Interesting question, and Google might have a few answers click here

  bumpkin 16:41 14 Sep 2015

Thanks for the reply and link but it is a bit beyond my level of understanding.

  Forum Editor 17:36 14 Sep 2015

Basically this is what you do:-

Make fake Viagra tablets.

Set up a botnet, so lots of other peoples' computers send millions of emails to everyone on the contact lists on those machines, and then those machines send more millions of emails, and so on.

Sit back and collect the money that rolls in, sending packs of your fake Viagra sugar tablets to your 'customers'.

Run it until you sense the authorities are onto you, and set it up all over again via a new botnet. There are quite a few multi-millionaire spammers out there, but be warned - the FBI and EU police forces are pretty good at closing spammers down. Spamming is illegal under the provisions of The Consumer Protection for Unfair Trading Regulation 2008, If you're convicted you could go to prison.

  bumpkin 18:08 14 Sep 2015

So they actually sell stuff albeit rubbish. I was under the impression that they got a small commission from any sales via their mails, seems I am wrong and thanks for the answer.

  Forum Editor 18:28 14 Sep 2015


There are many variants on the spam theme, but the common denominator is that there is a financial purpose - spammers are out to make money.

It's estimated that around 95% of the world's email traffic is spam - there are vast swirling clouds of the stuff constantly circulating through the planet's mail servers, and it slows us all down. We'll never be rid of spam, but many government agencies - the FBI in particular - have become much better at fighting it.

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