How do I get rid of car cockpit shine?

  Chris the Ancient 10:51 01 May 2010

Just bought a new (to me) second-hand car. They did quite a reasonable job of valeting on it before I picked it up.

But, the rotten things did all the dash with that shiny polish type stuff - on a vinyl dash that doesn't need it and I don't want it - and the dash now creaks whenever I go over a bump or, more likely, a pothole.

I know that the stuff would gradually work itself away, but because the shiny bits seem to tend to rub on adjacent surfaces, the creak may take quite a while to disappear (probably after my diminishing sanity!).

Or am I just going to have to go to a dealer and see if they can tighten anything up?

  Pineman100 11:59 01 May 2010

Chris - I imagine that the cockpit shine is probably silicone-based, and I believe meths will remove silicone polish.

But be sure to do a test bit in an unobtrusive place before you treat the whole surface, just to be sure that the meths won't cause any damage.

  Chris the Ancient 12:10 01 May 2010


I do have a little somewhere. I will try that later - and then use the deodoriser spray (generously) that I have bought.

  Quickbeam 12:39 01 May 2010

"I do have a little somewhere"
Not in the drinks cabinet I hope...

  Chris the Ancient 12:55 01 May 2010

Tried doing that once when I was really desperate and it tasted awful.

The melted shoe polish was slightly better!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 01 May 2010

You're not supposed to taste it, just throw it straight to the back of the throat :0)

  Chris the Ancient 17:19 01 May 2010

Knew I was doing something wrong. However, after a few, who cares about the taste!

  Bingalau 21:15 01 May 2010

Meths is better mixed with strawberry jam and spread evenly on a butty. You don't need to throw it down your throat then. No I'm not an expert but I knew a submariner who was. I wonder if he is still alive?

  Chris the Ancient 22:19 01 May 2010

Not a method that came immediately to mind!

Fortunately, these days, I can occasionally afford a bottle of chilled white alcoholic grape juice. I will not say how often the days are on the grounds I may incriminate myself.

Now, seriously for a while, anyone else got ideas on this darned shine? Didn't get as far as the interior of the car today. Spent the time (between occasional drizzle (from the sky) making the outside of the car look good with T-Cut and wax polish (so the neighbours think it is a better-looking car than it really is.

  Noels 22:48 01 May 2010

Sorry Chris!
But every time I logged in to try to help all I got/get is that advert taking over the whole page!!
However to get to the point. I have a second hand Honda Civic which is my pride and joy and which I keep well polished inside and out including the dash which has a dimpled finish. Last Christmas I bought a Tom Tom which I couldn't fix on the windscreen so I bought a Tom Tom sticky pad to fix it to the dashboard but this wouldn't stick because of the polish I had used.
On Googling all advice was that once you have applied polish to the dash it is virtually impossible to remove. Time will make it less obvious and friends of mine have actually stuck black felt on with Blu Tack to get rid of the glare.Hope you have better luck.
All the best

  ronalddonald 23:39 01 May 2010

it annoying this open page leaf in the top right hand corner, ive had the same problem i wish the FE would do something about it, especially when i try to log in it get in the way this advert for balckbery

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