How do I find out, stores opening...

  SG Atlantis® 17:31 12 Jan 2006

There is quite a commercial development where I live, dozens of big stores and there's further expansion happening. Where would I go to find out who's moving in?

There's loads of rumours of who's having stores built and I'd like to know exactly.

Oh and I'm in Northern Ireland.


  octal 17:39 12 Jan 2006

Speak to your local authority, they should have the planning applications.

  Totally-braindead 20:35 12 Jan 2006

You must be a bit of a shopaholic are you SG Atlantis®

  SG Atlantis® 20:52 12 Jan 2006

Just a little T-B.

I have reasons for wanting to know ;)

I have been trawling through planning applications but I can't see any relevant. In any case it's usually a developer that puts it in, builds and then the stores lease the buildings, that's how most companies I have knowledge of do it.

Think I'll have to wait and see although I will call the planning office.

Any other ideas?

  Totally-braindead 21:58 12 Jan 2006

This be rather a silly suggestion but most companies want you to know they are coming so advertise on bill boards and the like on the actual site long before anything is built. Something like "coming soon PC World" or whatever.

  spuds 22:44 12 Jan 2006

You could also try your main local newspaper editorial/business office, or the local Chamber of Commerce.

  SG Atlantis® 17:16 13 Jan 2006

half a result, marks and spencer and lidl opening across the road from a huge 24hr tesco.

Couldn't remember the road name of the other site... >:(

Ticking as resolved.

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