How did you chose your username

  bumpkin 18:06 26 May 2014

How did you chose your username (nickname)

In my case I lived in London for 35yrs and have now move 2miles outside. Those in my local pub at the time jokingly called me a country bumpkin. I used that name here which I regret as it conjours up an image of someone in a wooly hat sucking a straw :-)

  bumpkin 17:05 29 May 2014

Good for you, you got rid of ugly Staines.

  natdoor 10:51 30 May 2014

Blackhat, I certainly remember the "faces to names" site. It would appear that it has been taken down now. That's rather a pity.

I liked your photo!

  iscanut 12:03 30 May 2014

Roman name for city I live in and part of my surname

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