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How did you chose your username

  bumpkin 18:06 26 May 2014

How did you chose your username (nickname)

In my case I lived in London for 35yrs and have now move 2miles outside. Those in my local pub at the time jokingly called me a country bumpkin. I used that name here which I regret as it conjours up an image of someone in a wooly hat sucking a straw :-)

  john bunyan 18:28 26 May 2014

My alias wrote "Pilgrim's Progress". I see myself as a Pilgrim wandering through an increasingly shorter life, trying, without complete success, to make sense of it all.

  wee eddie 18:31 26 May 2014

Mine's been my nickname since I was 15. That's over 53 years ago.

I joined a Rowing 8 and the Cox's name was also Eddie. As I was more than twice his size, "Mac" the Boatman, started calling me Wee Eddie and it stuck!

  morddwyd 18:34 26 May 2014

I didn't, it was chosen by my parents, it's my given name.

  Forum Editor 18:42 26 May 2014

My original username was china - chosen because at the time (thirteen years ago) I had just started a spate of business trips to China.

That name lasted a while, until PCA got in touch and invited me to take on my current role. I changed my name, and here I am. Where did all those years go?

  tullie 18:49 26 May 2014

Wouldent be the same having to contact China when we had a problem would it?

  john bunyan 18:53 26 May 2014

My late Granddad, a Cockney (Died 1948 at 80 odd), would call a friend "Me old China"

Cockney slang

  bumpkin 18:58 26 May 2014

morddwyd, try and find it in your heart to forgive them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 26 May 2014

When oven chips first appeared I used to take some to work to eat with French bread pizza for meal break. Some one found a picture of a Fruit Bat eating a chip, hence the nickname.

I been called a lot worse!

So when a name you can put up comes along, latch on to it, make fun of it, make it your own.


  flycatcher1 19:08 26 May 2014

Favourite Bird - no sign of them so far this year.

  csqwared 19:11 26 May 2014

Initials are CC, ergo csqwared. Used the 'w' just to be different.

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