How did this spam get on my phone?

  Chris the Ancient 16:13 08 May 2008

I've been sat at my desk all afternoon, and the 'master' phone has not rung all afternoon (bliss!).

I looked at the phone just now and there is a message on the answerphone. It was spam - and I didn't get past the bit about a holiday in Nassau.

But... The phone did not ring! The CLI window shows 'Number not available'. So, I had a look at my secondary phone and there was no caller displayed in that CLI window.

So how the heck did somebody get a message directly onto my answerphone, without the phone ringing, and without leaving a caller ID on my secondary phone?

Or am I losing my marbles?

  Chris the Ancient 16:49 08 May 2008

The 'Missed Call' light wasn't flashing, either!

  MrCutter 17:36 08 May 2008

I suggest you sign up to click here
Then if you get another call they are breaking the law!!

  Chris the Ancient 17:47 08 May 2008

I'm already with TPS.

But, as the voice in the spam was strictly (and very) broad American, they must have originated the call from outside the country - and, therefore, not subject to TPS rules.

My main query is how it got in without me being unaware of it coming in! }-((

  [email protected] 17:52 08 May 2008

i had one once, a couple of years ago. i picked up the phone to make a call, and there was a bloke who sounded like manuel from fawlty towers rabbiting on about a holiday i had won, i had read somewhere that if you press a number it bills you, so i pulled the socket out the wall and when i plugged it back in (the next day) manuel was still there!
he had gone when i got back from work, never happened since, and i didnt get charged anything.
it was obvious it was a machine of some sort.

  Chris the Ancient 18:34 08 May 2008

Yeah! These sort of spammers are flipping annoying. Luckily (?) I didn't press any buttons though.

It just galls me that there is some secret way into my answerphone that has bypassed the phone even having to ring; and I was just wondering how they can do it and if there was some telephone genius out there who knew how it could be done.

I know if you have a phone/fax (if anyone still has them) that the fax sends a tone on the line to tell your machine that it is a fax and not a phone. But to get straight into the answerphone...?

  octal 19:28 08 May 2008

I know some answerphones can be accessed remotely using a series of tones, one of the companies I used to work for had one of these things you could squawk down the phone line at it to access various things, I thought the phone would have to ring first before you could use it though.

  interzone55 20:51 08 May 2008

What I can never understand is why spam marketeers feel that they can generate sales by pissing people off.

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