How did he do that?

  jack 17:17 28 Mar 2010

I guess most of you have seen this
click here

Question arose are much discussion
How did he manage to keep the camera
A. Snapping or
B. Stay in movie mode ?
Tape the button down
or some undisclosed electrontrikery ?

They never tell the whole story do they

  Labdweller 17:24 28 Mar 2010

It looks like it is taking a movie.

Once the camera starts recording, it shouldn't stop unless someone presses the stop button, runs out of memory or battery.

I wonder how long it takes to ascend to that altitude..

  Al94 17:55 28 Mar 2010

I read a report somewhere that he downloaded software to the camera from the internet that woke it up periodically to take a number of pics and video clips.

  jack 20:06 28 Mar 2010

I have passed the link to my Natural History/Sci Tech buddies in our local U3A

  birdface 21:22 28 Mar 2010

It was on TV news the other day.
The chap was from leeds I think and once the balloon got so high it burst and dropped back down to earth with a small parachute.
it just looked like a normal camera hooked up to some sort of motherboard and enclosed in a small metal type box.
He had all the equipment at home so I imagine he was operating the camera from there.

  interzone55 08:42 29 Mar 2010

You can download hacks for Canon PowerShot cameras that allow you access to all kinds of functions, one of which is a "stop motion" feature to take images at intervals.

click here

  wiz-king 09:02 29 Mar 2010

click here his normal website is overloaded! I wonder why.

  Chris the Ancient 10:12 29 Mar 2010

The bit that gets me...

When the camera parachutes down, he has to go and get it; and it may well be many miles away! OK, he has a radio tracker, but how many people would take it for themselves if they got there first?

So, I wonder how many cameras he has lost.

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