how to correctly address a letter

  bumpkin 20:02 04 Jul 2018

Dealing with a government or council site by post what is now the protocol. Is "Dear Sirs" still appropriate or is something else now considered the norm.

  Quickbeam 19:33 06 Dec 2018

I wrote to my pension manager last month and addressed it as 'Dear Mr XXX', the reply back was 'Hi Quickbeam' (not literally but you know what I mean...).

So my next reply on the matter was with Hi Russ!

  john bunyan 19:50 06 Dec 2018

In military days we had formal instructions on all this in a publication - I think JSP 101. Some were very formal , depending on the status if the addressee- such as “My Lord Archbishop, I have the honour etc etc and ending “I have the honour to remain your Grace’s Obedient servant” . All kinds of formality. Not sure if still in use these days but I think so

  Quickbeam 20:30 06 Dec 2018

Do you have much reason to write to Archbishops!

  Old Deuteronomy 21:09 06 Dec 2018

Here in Somerset we find 'Ere, to be more than acceptable, provided the recipient is a Somerset person!

  john bunyan 21:28 06 Dec 2018


Just an example; it covered many different people and “ranks “ both military and civilian.

  Toneman 09:18 07 Dec 2018

Always used to address the envelope to a male person as "Esq", short for "Esquire". Still used? probably not...

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