How Confusing is The Pentium 4 Range?

  welshwizard712 14:58 25 Sep 2004

I am considering buying a Pentium 4 chip?

But im sooo confuesed about all the models for different clock speeds and caches?

Do any yourselves feel the same?

Doesnt A PC Buyer just want to know what chips faster and if they are for built for certain uses such as Gaming or Video/Sound Encoding?

Your View?

  Dorsai 23:50 25 Sep 2004

It's about as confusing as it can get.

But then go down tesco's. look at the washing powder range. They all claim to be the best. Obviously they all can't be.

Just pick what you can afford. it'll do the job (more or less). Considering what i do with my pc, i think i could still be using the old 66Mhz thing, with 32Mb ram, and win 95, from 8 years ago (assuming it still worked now) and it would be no slower. The only difference? Win95 had no (reliable) usb, so no BB Usb modem..

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:36 26 Sep 2004

Get round the confusion the easy way. Buy an AMD Athlon!

  powerless 16:14 26 Sep 2004

If you were buying Pentiums throughout the day, you would know off by heart all the numbers and versions.

I would say that the majority of people [on this forum] take a look at processors when they are buing a new computer or processor. Any other time they will not be bothered whether is a J variant etc, etc,.

A little bit of product research will have you clued up in no time.

google and intels site will reveal all.

click here&

A click here, a click there.

You also have the option of asking a "Sales Person" who might know ;-)

  billy 18:14 26 Sep 2004

I hope I am not gatecrashing but at the start you asked what is best for types of tasks. I read AMD 64 are best generally but Pentiums better for rendering video, and since that is about the only processor intensive thing I do (what else is there?) I personally woould go for Pentium (assuming the claims I read were true)

  welshwizard712 20:29 26 Sep 2004

i think i no wot the diff P4's are now!

I think im gonna go for a P4 3.2ghz Northbridge with HT

  welshwizard712 20:32 26 Sep 2004

coz at moment im runnin a 2500+ barton and its a touch sluggish in Video and Sound encoding department which is wot i do alot of!

I dnt Game with my PC. I have two consels form that!

  Dorsai 23:28 26 Sep 2004

I have also heard thet Pent's are much faster at rendering Video. But have no experiance in this area, so have no idea how/if true.

I pick my CPU's based on what i can afford. Taking into account that a new CPU freqently requires new mobo, ram and often a new PSU too, i know what i can afford, and go from there.

But the different variations of the CPU can be confusing. so a box saying 'amd XP2000' can have various different cpu's in it, Palamino, t'bred, etc. But as others said, a bit of research on the net can reveal what the difference actually is. But would the different variations on the same theme actually have a perceptable difference in performance? Perhaps, but how big?

  welshwizard712 18:54 27 Sep 2004

wot id like to know is how much quicker towarsd an Athlon is a Pentium 4?

The internet seems to confuse me with this?

  welshwizard712 18:55 27 Sep 2004

sorry at video encoding?

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