How come, with the FE's until December ban on

  Quickbeam 09:18 15 Nov 2015

the use of the unmentionable season, I find a link along the top to PCAs XMAS 2015 promotion page? Isn't this a double standard...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:08 15 Nov 2015

Ohhh there's gonna be blood.

Good job you used the X word and not the C word you might get off with a light beating.

  Forum Editor 10:09 15 Nov 2015

"Isn't this a double standard..."

Yep, and heads must roll. You're in the clear because you were just quoting someone else's text.

Ten days to go before the winter festival can be freely referred to by its traditional name here.

  Belatucadrus 13:01 15 Nov 2015

Can we mention Krampus ?

look him up, way more fun than the fat beardy guy.

  spuds 14:38 15 Nov 2015

If that's in the magazine, then it probably as next years issue date, so the big event would have already ended ;o))

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