How can people do this?

  wiz-king 05:52 28 Jun 2012

So there was I cooking dinner at just before 6pm this evening when I get a phone call from Mrs Wiz saying

'dishup dinner, put it in the oven and come up the stables' - then another 'now'. So I went as instructed, and I found we had got a baby horse in the yard - now this is strange as none of our mares were in foal!

Two car drivers had found this little foal at the side of the road about 300m from a busy railway level crossing and main road, they knew where our stables were and Mrs Wiz was there at the time so the little foal was stuck in the boot of a car and brought down to our stables. Lots of phone calls later, none of the other yards in our area were missing a foal and so we reported it to the local police 'horse watch' scheme and they arranged for a vet to come out to see it. It was in a pitiful state and could hardly stand, weak from lack of its mothers milk. It could not have been there long as it would have been hit by a car.

So he has now been named 'Lucky Star' and taken to the local horsepital for the night and given some milk and anti-biotics, the vet said he was about three days old.

So then we could finish having (dried-up) dinner, our 6'oclock evening meal finally eaten at 11 o'clock.

  Woolwell 10:22 28 Jun 2012

Regrettably I am not surprised by this. There are too many horses and domestic pets in this country and this has resulted in occasions of ill-treatment, neglect, etc. Neutering and reduction of breeding would help.

  woody 10:55 28 Jun 2012

Well done wizkng - you will get your reward later.Let us know how it gets on.

  Aitchbee 11:57 28 Jun 2012

wiz-king - maybe the young horse is a descendant of that great sire NEVER SAY DIE...I hope he makes a quick recovery and goes on to win the Derby...what a tale that would be. Well done to Mrs Wiz too.

  Quickbeam 12:35 28 Jun 2012

'the local horsepital' That's a new one on me. If he remained unclaimed do you get to keep him?

I'd have been temped to call him Billy Wiz:)

  wiz-king 13:17 28 Jun 2012

Quickbeam Horsepital is what we call our local horses only vet, has better facilities than our local hospital! I have been there for x-rays and cuts stitched when I turned over a carriage when on a cross-country event.

Keep him! Yes if I paid his vet bill - no he has been signed over to the RSPCA horse rescue service - I have a couple of unbroken hooligans (youngsters) in the yard and don't need another.

  Chegs ®™ 16:03 28 Jun 2012

I recall seeing (I think it was Countryfile)about the high numbers of horses being tethered on any patch of grass,and a scheme run to neuter the horses in an attempt to reduce the numbers of horses simply being abandoned by skint owners as they couldn't afford to look after the animal.Whilst filming the piece,a couple of blokes appeared from the nearby houses and demanded to know what was going on.Their appearance & manner of speaking would (if I were on a jury) lead me to the opinion that these are exactly the kind of people that would abandon an animal anywhere.

  john bunyan 18:04 28 Jun 2012

I quite often see horses pulling racing type two wheeled carts with one or two "travellers" - sometimes a pair of them racing on main roads. The horses seem to be staring and frightened, as they career round busy roundabouts oblivious to traffic. I have also, once, caught a horse loose on a main road at about 10pm and tied it up. The police went to a nearby caravan on the verge and found children alone as the parents were "down the pub". wiz-king's tale does not surprise me.

  carver 20:14 28 Jun 2012

wiz-king nice to see that you have done your best for this foal, it's just a pity that these things happen and you had a dried up tea for your trouble.

We have a yard and some of the mistreatment that we have seen inflicted on horses doesn't bare thinking about but for some people all a horse is is money on legs and if that horse can not be sold or ridden then it is worthless.

One of our liveries has just bought a horse and the state it was in when she brought it to the yard was horrendous, it was under weight but it's coat was so long it hid that fact and it had the most horrific mud fever I have seen also hidden by it's feathers.

  morddwyd 20:35 28 Jun 2012


  lotvic 21:27 28 Jun 2012

Feathers (long hair lower legs)

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