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How to be un British....and win.

  anskyber 13:47 14 Aug 2008

Our National pastime of being obsessively self critical can at times only offer under achievement. This thoroughly interesting article shows how in my sport, cycling, we have become world beaters through obsessive behaviour in a different win. click here

A gold and Silver Medal so far and excellent chances when the track events start tomorrow isn't it time to put the Eeyore's back in their stable?

  TopCat® 18:52 14 Aug 2008

planning for our 2012 Olympics should heed this and follow his example. I quote "It wasn't until late 2001 that the penny dropped - I needed to clear out riders and coaches who weren't obsessed with winning."

Extreme effort and dedication to the chosen sport together with every training assistance possible is the only way to attain the highest level.

I wish our cycling competitors every further success in their endeavours at Beijing and I feel sure they will not let us down. TC.

  anskyber 15:22 15 Aug 2008

Another cycling Gold medal, that's two golds and a silver. click here

Track and field needs to catch up.

  Quickbeam 17:01 15 Aug 2008

You beat me to it. I'll be up in time to watch the rowing finals tomorrow too, we've got some good contenders there as well.

There will always be an added incentive to win gold when your home country is hosting.

Australia seem to be suffering, did they put all there effort into doing well in their home Olympics? Will China also suffer in the same way?

  anskyber 15:21 16 Aug 2008

Now 4 Golds, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze from cycling.

Come on track and field.

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