How Are Your Summer Insects?

  morddwyd 12:04 23 Aug 2015

My Buddleia is flourishing without a sign of any butterflies, my lavenders (3) are magnificent, with no sign of bees, but my fuchsia is alive with bumble bees. Different species, but only bumble bees.

Anyone got similar this year?

  spuds 12:33 23 Aug 2015

Nothing to shout about in my little haven, even the ladybirds, butterflies and some birdlife, like sparrows seem in very short supply.

Plenty of bees/wasps a few years ago (hardly anything now), ended up taking one of the dogs to the vet, him (the dog) being nosey and getting stung :O(

  wee eddie 13:23 23 Aug 2015

No butterflies seen on my buddleia this year. As you have said, bees in short supply, here in Ayr

  Aitchbee 13:51 23 Aug 2015

Temperatures have been decidedly on the low side so far this 'summer' [Glasgow] and correspondingly have noticed only the odd house-martin flying above my house ... usually there are dozens at this time of year ... probably cos there are not many insects about. On the plus side one of my apple trees, on my verandah, has got 4 apples on it [yippee], so there must have been some bees about to pollinate the blossoms ... back in May, when we had a 'heatwave' lasting for a coupla' days. Not many ants or spider-mites about either.

  bumpkin 14:13 23 Aug 2015

Not many ants or wasps I am pleased to say having been attacked by as swarm of wasps and stung about 50 times, very close to calling an ambulance. My wife also stung at the same time and ill for days. Bees are a different matter of course but I seem to recall reading something a few years back about the concern of lack of them in this country (UK) I mean before the Scots jump on me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:01 23 Aug 2015

Loads of bees a few weeks ago none now, not seen any butterflies.

  rdave13 17:15 23 Aug 2015

Wasps abound in my area. A bit early I'd have thought.

  Brumas 17:41 23 Aug 2015

Fingers crossed there hasn't been a great deal of biters/midgies around here at the moment. They seem to see me as a mobile target and the bites always itch like bejaysus causing extreme discomfort especially as they seem to like the warmer parts of my body! Thank heavens for Eurax Cream!

At nights in the midgies season, and, indeed whenever I turn in, I have to douse myself in Avon Skins so soft but even then I sometimes wake up with a bite in warm hairy areas - sorry if that is an information overload!!

  Brumas 17:44 23 Aug 2015

I pressed POST too quickly, what I neglected to add was that whilst they feed on me they leave Fran alone. I told her it was a case of Fresh Meat v Rotten Flesh, I am still smarting from the nasty nip she gave me!!

  Forum Editor 18:24 23 Aug 2015

Like others, I have noticed fewer butterflies on my Buddleia bushes. The lavender, on the other hand, has been alive with bumblebees (we had a nest in one of the bird boxes) and some honey bees.

Butterflies have been numerous, but only specific species - Large whites, Commas, Common blues, and Meadow browns. Earlier I had a couple of painted ladies for a few days.

The butterflies have been particularly interested in the Sweet Williams and lavender. All in all, a good year for butterflies and bumble bees.

  john bunyan 18:41 23 Aug 2015

I have a similar experience as FE. (South Hants) Fewer ladybirds, of which there was a plague a year or two ago. More wasps, and horse flies (from neighbours horses).

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