How are your ears?

  Forum Editor 10:58 07 Sep 2007

In the 1970's a generation of young people was warned about damage to hearing being caused by over-amplified rock music.

What goes around, comes around.

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  cycoze 11:18 07 Sep 2007

I had my hearing tested a few years ago and the results were poor, years of listening to Loud live and recorded music, and also working with loud machinery.

My Wife always turns the volume down after i have been using the head phones.

Have only been to a couple of Gigs this year, first was a an old re-formed rock group who were in a smaller venue and very very loud, when we came out our ears had that deafening hum going on, second gig was Gary Moore at the UEA, several people near the back complained it was to quiet, you could hear everything being said by the people around you very clearly, my point being two gigs but no happy medium where the volume was concerned .

  Clapton is God 11:23 07 Sep 2007

I spent a great deal of my leisure time in the 1970s listening to loud rock music in clubs, pubs or outdoor concerts - sometimes standing or sitting within a few feet of huge stacks of amplifiers.

About 18 months ago I noticed a loss of hearing in my right ear; so went to see a hearing specialist. I was diagnosed with 50% hearing loss in that ear - probably because of my 'antics' as a youth.

I now wear a hearing aid.

I've only got myself to blame.

  wee eddie 11:32 07 Sep 2007

I ran a Mobile Discothequé for a good 11 years, starting in the early 60's. When the Grateful Dead played the Alexandra Palace, I rode shotgun on their amplifiers & speakers which was a life enhancing experience.

I have now lost some of the top end of my hearing and the 12 to 18Hz range is a little fuzzy but not bad enough to make me think that DAB Radio is an acceptable Audio Experience.

Self Inflicted hearing loss, but then I'm only 62.

  mitsme 11:52 07 Sep 2007

My ears are both still in their proper positions!

But I do find that with some background noises it is to quote the gods of prog rock "Your lips move & I still can't hear what you are saying"

Seems to happen mostly when the kettle is on the boil.

  oresome 11:54 07 Sep 2007

My hearing is nothing like as good as it was.

I've never been in the habit of listening to music at high volume or worked in a noisy environment. I'm 59 and have noticed a hearing loss for several years, so I think it's age related as much as abuse in your younger days.

  mitsme 12:13 07 Sep 2007

Ears have, I'm not sure of the medical term for them, best I can describe them is filaments. All organs, as we get older deteriorate & ears are not something we can protect, from outside elements, like eyes. So it's probably a bit of both, old age and youthful abuse.

  interzone55 12:30 07 Sep 2007

A good friend of mine is in a band, one year he arranged a special hometown weekender with about 8 of the bands who used his rehearsal rooms and studio (one of those bands is now a chart regular under a different name).

To make it a bit special he hired the biggest, loudest rig he could afford, which included some of the speakers and bass bins used at Live Aid. These were promptly installed in a 300 capacity room - think about it, 60 x 30 foot room with 10 foot high speaker stacks pumping out about 8k watts of substandard metallica impersonators.

The venue had to spend a fortune securing up the front wall which had become unsafe due to enduring something close to 135db for a weekend.

My hearing is still pretty good, but I feel sorry for the people right at the front

  holme 12:30 07 Sep 2007

I can't link to the report but I clearly recall reading the results of a deep investigation a few years ago (say 2000) which concluded that the average hearing of 60-year-old near-wrinklies (little difference between male & female) was significantly better than that of 30-year-old males.

The hearing of the average 30-year-old female was rather worse. Above 15kHz, the differences were even more marked (i.e. 'high-tone deafness').

I think the difference between M and F at age 30 is of interest as arguably it might suggest that job-related noise is not the culprit. Too much F clubbing perchance?

  wee eddie 12:37 07 Sep 2007

but then he did have 8 daughters

  mitsme 12:47 07 Sep 2007

With you on that one wee eddie. Ma uncs could only deal with so much of my aunts naggin. It was hilarious, we used to catch him out sooooooooo many times.

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