How ae you getting on with digital switch over?

  SparkyJack 17:35 10 Feb 2012

We in the South East area are due to be done during April. I have heard that some folk where help was requested have been seen to.

As I posted off my application months ago and had no response I thought an Email enquiry would not be amiss. So I did. and had response that I would be telephoned within a couple of days. This afternoon when I got home Digital Switchover had telephoned. The guy having taken all my details said no application had been received, but no problem we will do it over the phone- so having dug out my flexi friend the deed was done and the installer is coming to fix up the Freesat on March 5th.

So it pays to check

I have also posted this to Helproom and Speakers corner the topic has a relevance in all three places I

  john bunyan 17:43 10 Feb 2012

See Helproom

  Quickbeam 18:07 10 Feb 2012

I did all the Freeview updates and re-tunes, about 6 in all. The reception is better than it was before, but the only problem is that the Freeview box loses a few channels if I power it off requiring it to be re-tuned to find them again. It also won't keep the favourite selection too after a power off, which means I just leave it on with only the TV off.

I've no idea why it does this, so I'll just buy a new box when Freeview HD becomes available.

  pabby 19:13 10 Feb 2012


We had originally freesat in the living room and sky in the bedroom. I asked the installers if we could get freeview for the living room and I would put freesat in the kitchen.

The team came on time and said reception was poor fro freeview but would give it a try. We live in a bungalow and they installed the ariel with a signal booster attached to it. They then cabled to the sitting room and put another booster just before the tv. Signal strength was perfect. They even popped the cable for the freesat to the kitchen, tied up and setup the tv there.

All done in less than a hour.

Cost was zilch as we qualify for free installation. Well they did have tea and chocky biscuits.

  csqwared 19:23 10 Feb 2012


All well except for regional programmes. I have a Freeview box as well as a TV with integral Freeview, the TV tunes no problem. If I tune the box in the morning, the regional programme is Look North Lincolnshire, if I tune in the afternoon I get Look North Leeds, which it should be as I live on the outskirts. Both the box and the TV are Panasonic so I assume same tuner. Strange.


  csqwared 19:25 10 Feb 2012

Tut tut SparkyJack - double posts!! You'll be getting lines from FE.

  Aitchbee 20:48 10 Feb 2012

I have just switched on my little Casio LCD Color Television - modelTV-1400.Its about the size and weight of a block of butter...with a pull-up aerial.

The UHF signal is now there is absolutely no TV picture or sound.

Suits me, as I can now miss all the rubbish that's on TV, whilst I'm on the move!

  Al94 21:13 10 Feb 2012

All is not lost - if you can be bothered!

  Aitchbee 21:44 10 Feb 2012

Many thanks Al94 - I am confident your great link will enable me to kickstart that block o' butter!

  BT 09:01 11 Feb 2012

Mine also works with the RF output from my Virgin Cable box.

  SparkyJack 09:30 11 Feb 2012

Having done the deal and posted the thread I got to thinking the remark that the operator made 'No application has been received' I responded at the time - 'In the pile awaiting processing then? No was the response - no backlog- simply did not get it.

So I am now wondering how many more folk are patiently waiting, and where are those 'lost' applications? I guess if there are any we will soon know after switch over date has past and those in need of support did not get it in time.

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