How about £10,000 for free

  Cymro. 11:52 16 Feb 2018

BBC link

The government should give £10,000 to every citizen under 55, a report suggests. The Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) said it could pave the way to everyone getting a basic state wage. The idea sees two payments of £5,000 paid over two years, but certain state benefits and tax reliefs would be removed at the same time.The RSA said it would compensate workers for the way jobs are changing.The money would help to steer UK citizens through the 2020s, "as automation replaces many jobs, climate change hits and more people face balancing employment with social care", the report said. If you want more information then you will have to click on the BBC link. Personally I don't see this ever happening but as I'm over 55 years old it would not apply to me anyway. So what would you do with your two instalments of £5,000 then? It would give you a damn good new computer perhaps.

  Archie44 12:31 16 Feb 2018

bad idea may cause higher rents and rates. Think about it £5000 over two years it wouldn't last with some rents unless the whole household are receiving £5000 each.

  Archie44 12:36 16 Feb 2018

In reality nothing is free they may give with hand and take with another

  x123 13:49 16 Feb 2018

Nothing new. Finland and Scotland have the same idea.

enter link description here

  x123 13:50 16 Feb 2018
  oresome 14:08 16 Feb 2018

I'll go along with it with one proviso.

Everyone over 55 gets a further £1000 for each year above that age.

That'll be £25K for me by the time the paperwork is sorted.

Whoops, that pig nearly hit the roof.

  john bunyan 14:18 16 Feb 2018

At £14 or more billion and a National Debt of over 80% of GDP it is pie in the sky. The NHS, education, Defence etc need more money from too small a tax take as it is. More borrowing should be avoided if possible.

  Forum Editor 16:57 16 Feb 2018

You get nothing for nothing in this life.

  bumpkin 21:56 16 Feb 2018

When I was young I had to EARN money the hard way, now everybody seems to expect it as a right.

  commute 22:21 17 Feb 2018

The Tax office would be very keen to have their 'cut' of that money too !!!!

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