Hover into Hoover

  SparkyJack 09:58 18 Jun 2014

Whilst cutting the lawn last week the Flymo with a 'top box' collector started chucking clumps of grass out from under. Liftiingcthe lid revealed the exhaust blocked,--clearing it solved the problem.

Over the weekend wind and rain littered area even more with petals and leaves.

Come Monday ,warm sunny day , task to clean the lawn.

So as an experiment ,removed blade from flymo. Proceeded to walk the flmo,now sans blade. Atonal 'suck-sess several bins full of litter

. Hover into--Hoover

  wee eddie 10:52 18 Jun 2014

Good Thinking

  spuds 11:02 18 Jun 2014

What does the warranty say, I bet it doesn't cover Hoover :O(

For leaf collecting, we have one of those very noisy but cheap to buy sucker/blower things that seems to do the job. Looking like Darth Vader (?) dressed up to kill for protection from flying bits, is part and parcel of the exercise :O)

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