Household mice! I really need them gone.

  KRONOS the First 10:26 01 Sep 2012

The flat below me has had a major renovation and the resident mice have decided that it is all a bit to much and have moved upstairs to my flat where i assume they find it less noisy.

I have put down poison which they seem to love as I seem to need to have to fill up the little plastic container quite frequently.

I have tried to figure out where there hole(s) are and have sealed a few, particularly around radiator pipes etc.

I have been looking at something like this: And wondered if anyone had any experience of this type of device.

I know that the easiest thing would be to get a cat but this is not viable at the present time.

Any thoughts and suggestions wanted urgently

  johndrew 17:12 01 Sep 2012

I would suggest you set as many mouse traps (humane or terminal) as you can afford (this may also help) baited with such as dog treat chocolate drops (read this).

In some areas mice are becoming resistant to the common poisons available and only some very nasty chemicals are effective. You should also pack your food in rodent proof containers as they will find and ruin it in short order.

I used a humane trap baited with dog treat chocolate drops and it quickly resolved my problem. The mice however .....

  Forum Editor 17:48 01 Sep 2012


"...a new rat or mouse Virus that is untreatable has been found in the U/S."

It's not new, but it's rare. There is a group of Hantaviruses, and the one we're discussing here was isolated in Korea in 1978. There was an isolated outbreak in the South West of the United States in 1993, since when there have been 30 reported cases - hardly comparable to bubonic plague.

The virus causes lung disease, and not all cases are fatal. You get the virus by inhaling dust that contains dried rodent faeces/urine. In America the prime culprit appears to be the Deer mouse.

There is no direct evidence that the virus spreads by human contact in America although this has happened in Argentina.

I think you can sleep easy in your bed tonight.

  john bunyan 18:54 01 Sep 2012

I suppose a cat is out of the question?

  Forum Editor 18:58 01 Sep 2012

john bunyan

"I suppose a cat is out of the question?"

Penultimate line of opening post.

  morddwyd 19:08 01 Sep 2012

Traps, but the only bait that worked for me, as recommended in a previous thread, was toast with peanut butter.

One afternoon while I was at work my wife managed eight in two hours with a single trap!

  john bunyan 21:29 01 Sep 2012


Sorry, I missed the obvious!

  finerty 23:47 01 Sep 2012

try here with reviews

have look here with reviews

  finerty 23:52 01 Sep 2012

When we had mice many years ago we used the old fashioned mouse traps, the wooden ones with a spring to trap the mouse. Pellets from the council do work. Go to your local council to esquire to see if you can use the council to lay down pellets.

  KRONOS the First 09:01 02 Sep 2012

OK traps it is,after all I am a man, so disposing of a small dead bodies will not be a problem ,will it?

  Forum Editor 09:06 02 Sep 2012

I am also a peanut butter advocate. It seems to be a mouse magnet, but it must be Sunpat smooth of course.

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