Housebuilder bricks it on TV

  oresome 14:17 19 Oct 2018

The boss of Persimmon, the housebuilder was on the TV news to publicise the company's venture into brick manufacturing.

Having recently been awarded a £100 million bonus that to say the least raised a few eyebrows, what reporter in their right mind wouldn't raise the bonus issue? However the questions seemed to take him off guard and suitable answers to deflect the issue hadn't been rehearsed.


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  john bunyan 16:41 07 Nov 2018

Sir Martin Sorrell had a good run , see


Mind you he built WPP from scratch

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  john bunyan 16:43 07 Nov 2018

PS He's left them so start a new venture, no doubt to keep up his earnings.

  oresome 19:04 07 Nov 2018

"He's left them so start a new venture"

Or more accurately he was asked to leave and has since started a new venture.

  Quickbeam 06:28 08 Nov 2018

Presumably he has his own venture capital!

  Forum Editor 16:56 08 Nov 2018

Fairburn doubled the stock market value of the company during his time there, so his exit is perhaps a mixed blessing for the shareholders.

  oresome 08:20 09 Nov 2018

Was it Fairburn who doubled the value of the company or the taxpayer?


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