hotel car parking & travel insurance

  conrail 12:37 06 Feb 2015

since my wife joined me in retirement and the children have all got their own homes, my wife and I are enjoying many holidays, sometimes we drive, other times we take coach holidays, what is annoying is that we book into a hotel paying them a lot of money for the privilege, then they ask us to pay parking, a recent stay in York cost us £17.50 for 2 nights, it's no better on coach holidays, we are now expected to buy travel insurance, the only benefit I can see is if we have to cancel, other than that the coach companies must be insured, health care is free. recently looking for a single trip insurance for 4 days in the UK cost almost as much as it did for our 14 night cruise around Europe, I can understand it for other countries, in case we take ill, why can Europeans get free health care here and not us there, anyway that is another moan for another day.. all it is now is money grabbing by these companies

  bumpkin 13:35 06 Feb 2015

Are you aware of this arrangement click here

  conrail 14:25 06 Feb 2015

thanks bumpkin, I have a EHIC card but my moan is about having to pay for travel insurance in the UK and hotel parking charges

  john bunyan 16:39 06 Feb 2015

Is the UK insurance to cover a possible "medical" cancellation? My bank gives "free" travel insurance as part of a (approx.) £100 gold credit card scheme, even for an oldie like me, provided you book using the card.

I agree re hotel car park charges (maybe in central London a charge is justified, but not elsewhere in my view)

  hssutton 19:29 06 Feb 2015

Like John I'm also and oldie and I have travel insurance as part of my Advantage Gold account. The cost of this is chicken feed compared with trying to obtain travel insurance elsewhere. NatWest also include my severely disabled daughter on the insurance at no extra cost.

  wee eddie 19:48 06 Feb 2015

It seems to me that we are the author of our own misfortune.

So long as we buy Hotel Rooms/Holidays etc, on the basis of their price. The Sellers will strip out services that are no longer essential in order for their products to appear cheaper and therefore get the sale.

  conrail 19:54 06 Feb 2015

thanks john guys, will look at my bank see what they offer

  conrail 20:07 06 Feb 2015

thanks John, no idea why your name ended up in the post, possibly because I'm old

  bumpkin 20:22 06 Feb 2015

Whist you may have travel insurance via your credit card or bank, I think that the travel company will insist that you take out theirs. just another way of bumping up the price really.

  Forum Editor 16:16 07 Feb 2015

"why can Europeans get free health care here and not us there"

You can get free health care - if it's free to citizens of the country you are visiting. If not, you can be treated on exactly then same basis as they are - if they are charged the first 25% of their medical costs, then so are you.

What you do is apply for a free EHIC card. Once you have it, the card will cover any medical treatment that becomes necessary during your trip, such as an illness or accident. In the past, you would have been entitled to reclaim the cost of any contribution you had to make from the NHS, but that option ceased on 1st July 2014.

  bumpkin 17:01 07 Feb 2015

Hotel parking has never been "Free" in the true sense of the word. Somebody has to build and maintain it and will seek a return on their investment. The hotel could include it in their room charges which I believe was the case in the past. With increasing costs I think that some hotels prefer to list that separately, making the room charge look more competetive. So if you do not use the car park then you do not subsidise those that do. This gives you the option of using it or not using it as opposed to "it was there if you wanted it"

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