Hot Water Bottles

  laurie53 11:21 15 May 2007

The instructions for new rubber hot water bottles always say that it should not be filled from the domestic hot water supply because this will cause premature deterioration.

Life's too short to be worried about such as this, but purely as a matter of interest can any scientists out there tell me what chemical is present in water heated in a domestic boiler that is not present in water that has been heated in a kettle or saucepan?

  VoG II 11:23 15 May 2007

Chlorine. This will volatilise (as hypochlorous acid) when the water is boiled.

Do people still use hot water bottles?

  spuds 11:53 15 May 2007

Rubber hot water bottles are still an essential necessary of modern day living.But you do not see many earthen ware or metal pan ones about nowadays ;o)

  Bingalau 11:53 15 May 2007

Vog. Yes and old army greatcoats probably.

  1832bchs 13:09 15 May 2007

On a cold winter's night you can't beat a nice hot water bottle, as well as 15 TOG duvet, central heating and a partner. IMHO.

  [email protected] 13:14 15 May 2007

my 3 oldest mates are my fish (yes, i know im sad!) i put 14 chemicals into my 17 gallon tank every month to counteract the chemicals in the tap water, and they still pull a face!
every night at around 5 o'clock, if i turn the tap on what looks like milk comes out? so i have to run the tap for 10 minutes to make it drinkable, surley a waste of water.
i still have my hot water bottle, the one i used to use to try and ease the exruciating pain from pancreatitus i used to get very often as a reminder of reality.

  Kate B 13:15 15 May 2007

I love a hot water bottle on a cold night! I like my bedroom cool-to-positively-chilly (to my partner's dismay) and to be warm in bed.

  [email protected] 13:22 15 May 2007

i too like a cold bedroom, and i dont really see the point of hot water bottles when you can use very safe all night only just warm blankets that take the chill off the WHOLE bed not just where your feet are!

  Watchful 13:23 15 May 2007

I wouldn't be without a hot water bottle in winter and they're perfect for the acheing back or stomach.

I fill mine from a kettle, off the boil, leaving a gap at the top from which I squeeze the air out before fastening it tightly. Water from the tap never seems hot enough.

The one I use now is about 20 years old and still going strong; purchased at Boots. It also has a cuddly cover on it. lol.

  TOPCAT® 13:52 15 May 2007

I was very alarmed one cold night to see my wife popping a new one in the microwave. Thought she'd gone barmy until I saw it contained some sort of crystals. Her usual hot water version had failed after many years of use, so she'd bought a replacement and this other thing. She still prefers the hw version though. TC.

  dukeboxhero 16:23 15 May 2007

Kate B i always thought thats what partners feet were for instead of water bottles, i start work early so im in my kip for 10 pm without fail at 1130pm im woken by my wifes freezing feet i think she takes great delite in this, im thinking of buying her thermal socks

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