Hospital gowns to get a makeover

  Bingalau 17:11 09 Feb 2010

Click below, Not before time I would think.

click here

  peter99co 17:13 09 Feb 2010

Better than the b*m deal we have at the moment

  peter99co 17:51 09 Feb 2010

The existing gowns are certainly difficult to put on and do up by yourself.

I don't think they "do up" at all and that is the problem, especially when you then have to promenade down a corridor.

  wiz-king 18:01 09 Feb 2010

I hope they don't go for 'the one size fits all' approach.

  mrwoowoo 18:05 09 Feb 2010

When i went in for my op i waltzed off down the corridor with my gown on back to front. Needless to say the nurse sent me back to my room with my tail between my legs.
Only it wasn't a tail between my legs at all.)O:!

  jakimo 18:11 09 Feb 2010

I usually end up with the one that has no ties at all,this always seems to happen in the xray cubicle changing area where both sexes are waiting their turn

  shellship 18:32 09 Feb 2010

I agree that the gowns are awful but with the NHS and the Government totally broke is this the time to spend precious money on a designer?

  jimv7 19:41 09 Feb 2010

"Design Council chief executive David Kester said the designs, funded by £25,000 from the Department of Health, were a great and affordable improvement"

nice work if you can get it.

  birdface 20:24 09 Feb 2010

Probably the next ones will be made of paper so that they can bin them after use.
It will go well with the Paper pants that you have to put on and the throw away cardboard type slippers.
No more washing or ironing I can see them saving and the £25.000 may be a good investment.

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