hose pipe ban 2 sides of story

  sunnystaines 14:38 16 Apr 2012

Where we live we have just had a hose ban put in so i would not be able to waste a few gallons of water hosing a short footpath, well happy with that.

in the town centre this morning workmen are pressure hosing the massive pedestrian complex, i spoke to the water company who said its ok if they are a business no restrictions.

i feel wasting so much water on a job that does not need doing anyway is an insult to those abiding by the ban.

anyone else seen bad examples of water waste like this.

  Condom 15:03 16 Apr 2012

To my mind it is just this sort of thing that gets right up peoples noses. Is this another case of "we're all in this together?"

Fortunately my area still appears to have plenty water but who knows for how much longer as we seem to be sending a lot of what we have eastwards.

  interzone55 16:28 16 Apr 2012

A hosepipe ban can have serious consequences to businesses, so a ban is only imposed on them if it's absolutely necessary.

At the end of the day the water companies lose more water through leaks than is used by all the households combined, so they should really put their house in order before inconveniencing their customers...

  flycatcher1 18:59 16 Apr 2012

My Neighbour has a Blue Badge and is allowed to use a hosepipe. My garden is pretty parched but at least rain is on its way tonight.I hope.

  Quickbeam 19:10 16 Apr 2012

'My Neighbour has a Blue Badge and is allowed to use a hosepipe.'

It's bloody amazin' what these blue badges can get you...

  Earthsea 19:29 16 Apr 2012


But they are abiding by the ban, because it doesn't apply to them.


Couldn't you ask your neighbour to 'accidentally' spray your garden occasionally?

  sunnystaines 19:36 16 Apr 2012

Earthsea i agree but to waste thousands of gallons without good cause when the rest of us are being careful i think is dreadful, have the yearly hose down could have waited a few months to the end of the drought.

  Al94 19:49 16 Apr 2012

Blue Badges? Yesterday I watched a young guy in a black Porsche 911 "burning rubber" as he parked in a disabled space close to the door of our local M & S, put a Blue Badge in the window and went shopping. Close examination revealed that it was face down, no pic, and 3 years out of date duplicate pass obviously obtanied for a relative at the time. Revenge was sweet!

  morddwyd 20:26 16 Apr 2012

"it was face down, no pic,"

If it was face down the pic would be showing.

Believe it or not the perverse regulations require it to be displayed with the pic not showing!

The expiry date shows, and so does the serial number which gives a bit away. It contains the date of birth (can't remember how, and the car is in the garage, and I'm in bed!) and the last digit, M or F indicates gender.

I have no compunction or hesitation in immediately reporting blue badge abuse

  birdface 20:28 16 Apr 2012

lets hope there are no more hosepipe bans.As soon as it started all we get is rain.

Just wondered if we get a refund on our water bill as we cannot use the normal amount.

Pigs might fly comes to mind.

  Chegs ®™ 03:02 17 Apr 2012

I spent time in spain where water shortage is a problem all year round.Imagine my surprise to see a golf course covered with hosepipes spraying the greens.I was told they are supposed to use desalinated water but were actually using normal water as the desalinated water could damage the grass.I use a hosepipe to clean the windows(cant climb a ladder now)and although we get rather a lot of rainfall here in wet cumbria so hosepipe bans are rare,if I hear other parts of the UK are subject to a ban,I don't use mine.I'm even more determined to catch the bloke who comes round cleaning the wheelie bins and get him to give my upstairs windows a quick blast,as he charges less to clean the bins than a window-cleaner does for only the upstairs.

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