Horrific terrorist attack in Manchester

  john bunyan 06:48 23 May 2017

19 killed, over 59 injured at Manchester Areana at a pop concert mainly for young girls. This looks to be, possibly, a suicide bomb, targeting innocent young people. About daily , apparently, others plots are foiled. Too early to say but in general we still allow returnees from ISIS back to the UK- too many to follow. A tragic day.

  john bunyan 07:30 23 May 2017

Now 23 killed. ISIS social media congratulating sucide bomber for retaliating against our children for theirs killed in Raqa by western bombing. How sick can you get?

  rickf 08:29 23 May 2017

Sad sad day. These people are sick to the core.

  Cymro. 11:28 23 May 2017

Yes a very sad day but what is to be done? Stopping returnees from ISIS back to the UK is not the answer as many of them are UK born nationals so no legal way to stop them from returning to the UK. Like many I am quick to criticise the security services but all in all they have done very well and probably better than some countries. I don't know what the answer is and I doubt if anyone has the complete answer. There is no answer to some problems but obviously we just have to carry on and try to keep one step ahead of the terrorists.

  oresome 12:40 23 May 2017

My thoughts are with those affected by this callous act.

There will be many grieving families today.

  john bunyan 12:47 23 May 2017

Where are the fatwas declaring these perpetrators as criminals? We need a high level number of top UK imams to come out with such a declaration, as we know that the number of extreme jihadis is quite small.

  wee eddie 13:24 23 May 2017

I hate to say this, but Trump got it right.

It is up to all Religions to disassociate themselves from these people and, before our Christian Brethren get to hoity-totty, remember the IRA and The Lord's Resistance Army

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:52 23 May 2017

Media exploiting it for all its worth playing into the terrorist hands again.

  bumpkin 15:59 23 May 2017

Spot on Fruit Bat, they want publicity and that is what we give them but what is the alternative, it is hardly something that can be hushed up.

  HondaMan 16:56 23 May 2017

Methinks the good old "D"notice should be brought out of hiding

  Forum Editor 17:14 23 May 2017

You could not possibly keep this kind of thing out of the media, and we shouldn't try. Whatever anyone thinks, it's a news story of considerable importance, and reporting it is not ' playing into the terrorist hands again.'

It would be playing into their hands if we altered our way of life and tried to limit the media reporting.

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