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Horrible things that we used in the past

  bumpkin 17:21 08 Aug 2014

Not much else going on here so I will contribute to the trivia. What in hindsight were awful things that a lot of people used in the past. A few examples to get started, woodchip wallpaper, fablon, stone cladding, artex, white wall car tyres.

  Entwhistle2 15:55 17 Aug 2014

Brylcreme, cut throat razors

  HondaMan 10:35 18 Aug 2014

Please do not be knocking wood-chip paper. I have quite a lot of it in my house, it covers a multitude of sins and, when well applied and decorated can look as good as anything else. It has the advantage of hiding scratch marks (from the cats) and minor damage (from the humans). Plus, if a bit is missed when decorating, it doesn't show!

So long live wood-chip

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:42 18 Aug 2014

The cassette loader for the spectrum

hours of screeching to find it fails just before the end of loading.

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