horrible' eco-friendly public urinals in Paris

  Cymro. 10:48 14 Aug 2018

BBC link

A boat cruise along the River Seine is one of most popular ways to see Paris, but angry locals are worried that a new installation may spoil the experience. Bright-red, fully exposed, urinals have been placed across the city to reduce peeing on the streets. But the eco-friendly devices, which are filled with straw and designed to be odourless, have left many unconvinced. Well if needs must I suppose and if a man has to go a man has to go. I dare say that many of us men have had to use worse in the past.

  canarieslover 11:10 14 Aug 2018

Certainly having prostate troubles would make these very welcome for me. Mind you being alongside running water I would probably need them only a couple of hundred yards apart at most.

  Al94 11:33 14 Aug 2018

They don't appear to work very well judging by the third photo!

  bumpkin 11:45 14 Aug 2018

Not the best design or signposting but a sensible alternative to using the street

  Aitchbee 17:00 14 Aug 2018

Oui oui ... très handy!

  Quickbeam 17:43 14 Aug 2018

Is the openness intended to replicate the voyeurism of urinating in public!

  Brumas 19:19 14 Aug 2018

Call me cynical but this must surely be a go ahead for all the lowlife flashers and pervs. Sorry officer i didn't see that young child walking past, I was only adjusting my dress whilst leaving the urinal!!!!!

  bumpkin 20:44 14 Aug 2018

Is the openness intended to replicate the voyeurism of urinating in public!

Looking at the sign I would say yes.

  bremner 21:35 14 Aug 2018

Open air public urinals in use in Bristol, London and also saw them in Amsterdam

click here

  Forum Editor 22:07 14 Aug 2018

It's worth a try - anything is better than people urinating in the street.

  john bunyan 11:55 15 Aug 2018

A bit tall for the ladies in this age of equality?

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