Hope there is no big disaster in Stoke-on-Trent

  Seth Haniel 08:39 08 Nov 2008

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Hospital A&E in 'stay-away' plea

People have been asked to stay away from A&E at Stoke-on-Trent's main hospital unless they are seriously ill.

Managers said the department at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire has been experiencing unprecedented demand.

  Forum Editor 09:49 08 Nov 2008

a spike in demand, that's all. Hardly something worthy of a discussion thread, is it?

  Seth Haniel 10:09 08 Nov 2008

often its when there is a need of something it is not available

  egapup 10:19 08 Nov 2008

" Hardly something worthy of a discussion thread, is it?"
Not a very nice attitude to someone's post, just because you think it's trivial doesnt mean Seth did.

  newman35 10:21 08 Nov 2008

to ask folk not to turn up at A&E with 'minor' complaints.
A&E is exactly for what it's title says, GPs and clinics should be first contact points.
(Or experienced 'state nannies' might also suffice!! (:-))

  Seth Haniel 10:37 08 Nov 2008

and decide that its probably only indigestion after all - and get the wrath of the Drs who then proclaim that you have now suffered more damage that could have been avoided with quicker treatment.

The majority of people go through life without the misfortune to need Hospital - but if all of a sudden something happens to them that they are unsure of and need a second opinion of what is wrong - the A&E can be their only resort.

So we now if you get a pain in your left arm have to take an asprin and hope it goes away rather than trouble your A&E

Common sense will tell if you do have a real 'minor' complaint and you know you would be wasting a persons time -

  laurie53 10:44 08 Nov 2008

"GPs and clinics should be first contact points."

My GP has a notice on the door saying they do not operate a minor injury or emergency service and patients should go to the nearest hospital (10 miles during normal hours, 25 at night/weekends).

This applies even when the surgery is open.

  newman35 10:46 08 Nov 2008

I think you are being a bit selective in your example.
I'm sure that if someone suspected they were having a heart attack the first call is emergency ambulance, who would then make the assessment -I'm sure this is not what the hospital means don't turn up with.
Perhaps they mean people with sprained wrists, etc who regularly inhabit A&E and use up specialist time and facilities.

  laurie53 10:49 08 Nov 2008

"Hardly something worthy of a discussion thread, is it?"

While you are the final arbiter, surely that is the decision of the original poster and the responders isn't it?

Certainly no less worthy than tinned tomatoes!

If it's not worthy of a thread then no-one will respond.

  newman35 10:52 08 Nov 2008

"GPs and clinics should be first contact points."

Of course it should, otherwise the A&E would be flooded out with people wanting attention. There are other phone contacts that can be used first, surely, to ascertain what to do in the event.

  Seth Haniel 11:10 08 Nov 2008

our Drs surgery (as probably with most) you cannot just go down - you have to phone 1st thing on a morning to see if they can fit you in. If not they may give you an appointment that can be anything from the next day to over a week a way - the latter being the norm.

Youre lucky 10 miles - ours is now 17 miles away
I work in a hospital which has a perfectly capable A&E department - but if you fall down outside its door you are taken the 17 miles to the other A&E - ( the local paper is full of car accidents in the adjoining roads - and people being airlifted 17 miles - their excuse 'saving money'

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