'Honour Killings'

  Quickbeam 12:17 19 Sep 2007

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My own simple view is, 'there is no honour in murder', whatever your social background...

  DANZIG 12:25 19 Sep 2007


  Cymro. 12:27 19 Sep 2007

I agree with you completely Quickbeam.
I think that the Forum Editor will have to keep an eye on this thread as there is a danger of it becoming another racist rant.

  VideoSentry 12:33 19 Sep 2007

I am against ANY form of violence unless you are DEFENDING yourself or another,and to murder on the basis of the Bachan Athwal story is frightening and worrying.

  Marko797 12:36 19 Sep 2007

Agree with the *potential* which u mention, but then again, in a so called democracy aren't we entitled to express opinion?
Agree with Quickbeam on the soc bkgrnd comment.

  Cymro. 12:52 19 Sep 2007

Yes indeed Marko797
and I have certainly got away with some dodgy once in the past. But there is I think something about racist remarks in the forum rules.

  Marko797 12:59 19 Sep 2007

Regardless, ppl shud be allowed to state how disgusted they are with this, & how unacceptable they find it, hopefully without falling down the racist manhole.

However, if this type of event is particular to a certain community, then we should have the right to make that community aware of our views.

Didn't we do something similar with the Bosnia situation and the ethnic cleansing, oh and also Adolf?

  wee eddie 13:07 19 Sep 2007

in the West, but not that long ago.

We have a Right to expect that others respect our laws when they come to our Country, but it is debatable that we have a Right to enforce our laws in another country. However as the parties appear to have been resident here when the decision was made, we should have certainly prosecute them for planning the Murder.

  Cymro. 13:10 19 Sep 2007

In view of your last posting I had better make my viewpoint clear on this matter now.

I am also disgusted with such an unacceptable thing happening and agree that this type of event is particular to certain communities and I am more than happy to make my views known to that community.

  Marko797 13:23 19 Sep 2007

I'm not sure where we have imposed (unless of course u include former parts of the 'empire' who may well have adopted our laws post empire days), or would want to impose our laws abroad, & not sure that we can at all

My Bos/Adolf reference was the worlds' outrage at the ethnic cleansing, & about our right to *express* that outrage.

I feel it won't be long b4 we are *expressing* views on that other idiot Mugabe, and what he's doing to Zimbabwe...

  interzone55 13:24 19 Sep 2007

I've always been confused about how you think your family's honour is maintained by killing your children.

There was a "honour" killing on my sister's street a couple of months ago, with a girl killed by her own sister because the family didn't like her boyfriend. The worst thing about it was the family in tears on TV pleading for someone to hand the killer in, when they were all involved. Tears of shame, not tears of sorrow...

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