Hong Kong on BBC

  fullyfitted 23:10 06 May 2010

It’s rare indeed these days that a TV programme leaves me totally “gob smacked” but I’ve just watched G R Jones on a visit to Hong Kong and I was spellbound, Leaving aside the usual touristy bits, the warmth and friendship of the people coupled with a strong worth ethic and an obvious pride in their city was heart warming but in some ways a bit scarey

  peter99co 23:23 06 May 2010

I missed it :-( Wonder if it will repeat or be on Iplayer.

  VNAM75 23:24 06 May 2010

Do you mean the Greatest Cities programme that was on ITV1? I really wanted to watch the programme but missed it. Do ITV have a BBC iplayer equivalent that shows replays?

  spuds 23:50 06 May 2010

Hong Kong as always been a very 'bustling' place, and a total gem in that part of the world. With regards to Forbes and the 'millionaires', I think the gentleman was very correct in the under estimate of the wealth certain people have and hold in Hong Kong, in the past and even under the 'new management'.

The warmth and friendship could get slightly frayed in the rush hours, especially when it came to getting the Star Ferry before the Metro and other modes of transport arrived ;o).

  peter99co 23:53 06 May 2010

click here

Different Cities, Not the same programme

  VNAM75 00:04 07 May 2010

peter, I don't understand, so it was on ITV1 and not the BBC?

  Forum Editor 00:08 07 May 2010

when it comes to choosing my favourite cities of all. I love the place for all kinds of reasons, and I hope I can continue to visit for a long time to come.

Chinese Hong Kong people are indeed warm and hard-working, and they do take a pride in their city, but let's not forget the contribution we made to the place. Without us there would be no modern Hong Kong, and there certainly wouldn't be anything like the wealth that exists there. It may be governed by China now, but Hong Kong still retains a good deal of the 'old' atmosphere.

  morddwyd 09:19 07 May 2010

"Hong Kong is equal to Paris"

Oh Dear. I was hoping to go there one day, but I hate Paris, so I'd better not bother with Hong Kong!

  babybell 09:24 07 May 2010

The FE didn't say the two cities were alike, just that they were both at the top of his list of places to visit.

  Bingalau 09:40 07 May 2010

I think the people of Hong-Kong are very happy with the way the British founded the place, also of course allowed in people who wanted to work, and my-oh-my do they work? I only spent eighteen months there but would willingly have emigrated if my wife had wanted to. But alas and alack she wanted to come back to Britain. I have many happy memories of the place. Do they still sell "Watson's Orangeade" beautiful refreshing ice cold drink? As for Paris "Yuck" they wouldn't even talk to me when I last visited the place.

  fullyfitted 09:45 07 May 2010


Too much falling down water, it was indeed on ITV not BBC.

Sorry for the confusion


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