morddwyd 07:50 07 Sep 2009

It appears that views of what is honest are changing.

Only 47% of people think it it is wrong for a carer to persuade a patient to change a will in their favour. That means that 53%, while not necessarily in favour, think there is nothing wrong with it.

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I find that a sad comment on the state of our society.

  g0slp 07:52 07 Sep 2009

I agree. Indeed, it's a betrayal of trust, imo

  crosstrainer 09:19 07 Sep 2009

Points are well made, but I think we are talking about theft here.....Should I end up with Alzheimer's, in a home without any family support, then I would probably sign anything put in front of me.

Nurses, social workers doctors et. al. SHOULD be beyond reproach.

They are not.

  interzone55 09:25 07 Sep 2009

Going a bit off topic here, some surveys use ridiculously small samples (or smaples).

The cosmetic ads are the worst offenders, they flash up the sample size on screen when saying 89% of women saw an improvement. One ad showed, very quickly, "89% of 37 women surveyed"...

  Kaacee 11:47 07 Sep 2009

No such thing as honesty anymore, just ask MP's.....

  lofty29 12:12 07 Sep 2009

form member
You havent been spilling cornflakes in your keyboard by any chance.

  Kaacee 20:17 07 Sep 2009

Forum member...And you think yours does?

  interzone55 21:15 07 Sep 2009

It makes a damn sight more of a contribution to the debate than yours, which is straight from the Daily Mail / Daily Telegraph "the whole world is evil so hide under the kitchen table" school of pessimism...

  Forum Editor 00:15 08 Sep 2009

For goodness sake, can you not think of any thing more productive to do than repeatedly post these silly remarks? They add nothing whatever to the discussion, and serve only to make you look a fool. I'm sure you're not a fool, so why go out of your way to demonstrate otherwise?

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