honda f1 goes green

  polish 20:54 26 Feb 2007

iam a big fan of f1 but honda have rebranded there car to raise awareness of climate change not exactly the right sport to do this click here

  georgemac © 21:02 26 Feb 2007

I am also a huge fan of F1 but agree with the above. I also until very recently drove a Honda, great car but fuel economy was not very good. Maybe they are making a lot of efforts to improve this?

  realist 21:33 26 Feb 2007

I just sent off for a Honda grass strimmer very "cutting edge" (I hope) and "green" too.

  €dstowe 22:17 26 Feb 2007

How many hundreds of tonnes of carbon does formula 1 produce? click here and then click on Watch the report.

  crosstrainer 11:36 27 Feb 2007

How on earth can anything which guzzles fuel at a rate not unlike 5000 determined clubgoers on a Friday night ever lay claim to being green?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 27 Feb 2007

Changes to the rules for F1 over the next few seasons will cut back on the amount of fuel available for each team therefore forcing the developement of leaner burn engines.

What is developed in F1 eventually filters down to the family car.

Found the diesel Civic to be very good on fuel economy.

  anskyber 12:12 27 Feb 2007

As a general point there is nothing wrong with the ethos of awareness in climate change, so why not.

I have owned six or seven Honda cars and the engineering in the engines is exceptional. Regrettably long ago they went down a route of maximising bhp for a given engine size. The S2000 is still the car with the max bhp per litre for a normally apirated engine.

It all has been achieved by using the V Tec system which guzzles fuel at an alarming rate once it cuts in. I think Honda will earn more brownie points if they moved over to fuel efficient engineering.

  Zero G 12:20 27 Feb 2007

So a company producing large CO2 emissions through it's products is going green?
Great PR exercise by Honda!

  IClaudio 23:25 27 Feb 2007

I'm a big fan of F1 too, but have never been comfortable with the 'fuel-burning' laps that for some reason were introduced a few seasons ago.

As for Honda cars in general, I think they're beautifully made: the S2000 is a fabulous car to drive, it's one of my favourites :)

  dwaynedibbly 23:45 27 Feb 2007

Its a PR stunt.
If a global company can get on the green bandwagon, its worth billions of pounds/dollars in sales, if they can sell their product as "green" to the gullible masses.
Its only the gullible who will believe this, and feel that they are "doing their bit".
How can a machine that spills out the annual equivalant carbon footprint of a domestic neighbourhood, be touted as green?
What next, British Nuclear Fuels with a plant a tree campaign. Or have they done that already??

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