Honda Civic

  Curio 20:54 11 Sep 2007

Definitely non Computer query!!
Went to open the hatch today and it appears to be locked tight. Locking system is keyless central locking. All doors lock and open ok but not the boot. Have tried variations, using key to door and hatch and no result. Honda Dealers have not heard of it happening before when I rang to see if they had any ideas. Anyone out there had a similar problem and able to offer help?

  Clapton is God 21:03 11 Sep 2007

"Honda Dealers have not heard of it happening before when I rang to see if they had any ideas."

That's useful, isn't it?

It's probably time to get rid of it and buy a real car - such as a VW.

  Si_L 21:05 11 Sep 2007

Yeah, VW are good, especially if you can afford a Veyron :)

On a serious note, is the car under warranty, could you take it back to be repaired from the place that you bought it from?

  realist 21:14 11 Sep 2007

Maybe ask here click here

or here click here&

  dan* 21:15 11 Sep 2007

On my VW ( notice the subtle inclusion Clapton is God ), it also has a seperate section to open the boot/hatch. So it can open, close and unlock the boot. Has your key got the same?

I have heard that sometimes on some vehicles that the central locking bolt does not fully retract or it could be catching on something, perhaps something falling into the works. My son had a problem with a primera's rear door and he had to remove the rear panel and ease the locking bar. not easy when you can't open the door and have to lay over the rear seat to get at it.

Unless you want to spen a fortune or are you in the AA/RAC etc, can you take out the rear panel via the back seats? Do the rear seats fold down?

  STREETWORK 21:37 11 Sep 2007

Sometimes on civics and other central locking cars there is a manual release on the vacuum servo pump inside the boot, usually under the lining ion the side. If you can find it, pull or push the rod and it will release the central locking...

  Chegs ®™ 00:01 12 Sep 2007

Could always use a "yobs skeleton key" (brick through the rear window)then you'd be easily able to reach the locking bar.

  silverous 13:49 12 Sep 2007

The lock has probably just failed on the boot??

  Curio 14:35 12 Sep 2007

Having read the links provided by responders, slept on it and in a better mood after a nights sleep, had a thorough look at the problem. silverous hit the nail on the head. The hatch latch had seized preventing its operation. A plentiful application of that magic liquid WD40 eventually freed it all up. Having cleared out the gunge, gave it another healthy dose and now it works smoothly. This little problem does not make me want to change to a VW!! Thanks to all who responded.

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