Homophobic post perhaps

  Al94 20:12 17 Dec 2012

Ok, I know I'm probably asking for trouble here but something I saw yesterday that really irritated both my wife and myself.

Sir Ian McKellen (an actor who I usually have respect for) was interviewed on the Andrew Marr show yesterday morning. I didn't see the entire interview but we were both incredulous at the part where he said he was off to Edinburgh to visit and talk to schools to promote homosexuality and affirm the ideal that it was ok to be gay. He said school children's jaws usually dropped when they heard that it was once possible to be jailed for being in love with someone of the same sex.

As a parent (albeit of offspring now old enough to make their own minds up) I would have been incensed if I thought that sort of message was being sent out to my family in our schools. It is bad enough that so many children's tv programmes portray this as a totally normal alternative.

I don't consider myself to be homophobic, I am opposed to gay marriage per se as I believe marriage should be reserved for the traditional male/female partnership but at the same time I know several gay people and don't have any issue with their relationships - what they do is entirely their own business. I respect them and they respect my opinion.

I just think it is entirely inappropriate that our young people from an early age appear to be having the message thrust on them that this is an entirely open acceptable norm.

Am I wrong?

  interzone55 20:41 17 Dec 2012

In a word yes.

Homophobia, just like racism, is fixed in people's minds at an early age, so it should be taught that there is nothing wrong with any gender orientation, or skin colour from childhood, and if that has to be in school then so be it, because it won't get taught in many homes

  woodchip 22:59 17 Dec 2012

You cannot change your colour but, but homosexuality is learned

  Al94 23:18 17 Dec 2012

Many might disagree that homosexuality is learned but I think there is some logic in that argument. My concern is that more young people might be tempted to experiment because of the strong message they are being given that it is "ok"

  Forum Editor 23:31 17 Dec 2012

"My concern is that more young people might be tempted to experiment because of the strong message they are being given that it is "ok"

Of course it is OK, and if you think that many young people don't experiment with their sexuality you must have led an extremely sheltered life. It's a perfectly normal part of growing up to feel an attraction to someone of the same sex at some point, and - contrary to what you seem to think -it's perfectly normal to be gay. There have been homosexuals throughout the history of mankind,and although anyone who believes that there's something inherently 'wrong' with being gay is perfectly entitled to their opinion I think it's an excellent idea for gay people to speak to adolescent school-children about it. Far too many young people go through the agony of trying to suppress their natural sexual feelings because their parents and others try to convince them that it's wrong to be a homosexual.

Your remark that "It is bad enough that so many children's tv programmes portray this as a totally normal alternative." astonishes me - of course it's a totally normal alternative.

  QuietPerson 00:18 18 Dec 2012

I was in San Fran with 3 other straight guys in a taxi. The driver was curious - four guys no females - i said it was illegal - then they made it legal - we have left before it becomes compulsory - he believed me - now the laugh is on me - how long will it be? Incidentally all the people that way inclined that i have met have all been very nice gentle people.

  pavvi 01:00 18 Dec 2012

You say 'promote homosexuality' as if he was out to convince people to be homosexual. I'm not physiologist, but I sat in a Church of England discussion group about a paper called "Issues in human sexuality" and I was saddened by the number of of homosexuals who said they were looking to be 'cured' from their 'illness'. Homosexuality is not something that people 'suffer' from, it is something they are. Sir Ian is not going to force people to become homosexual - he is merely trying to get rid of the stigma.

  QuietPerson 01:13 18 Dec 2012

"of course it's a totally normal alternative"

Is it?I have seen in past post you do not like some of our English language so perhaps that's where we differ - do you know what "norm" means? With such a small (tiny) percent of the population "insert today's acceptable word" it can not be classed as "norm".

  pavvi 01:24 18 Dec 2012

Is there any such thing that can be objectively called normal? I don't believe there is, as what is considered normal is subjective.

  Joseph Kerr 01:30 18 Dec 2012

I just don't have the words for some folk.

  Forum Editor 09:28 18 Dec 2012


Homosexuality is a normal aspect of the human condition. There have been huge numbers of homosexuals throughout history, but in the past they were commonly persecuted.

Being a homosexual isn't something you choose, and it certainly isn't 'wrong'.

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