Homemade Beer

  version8 16:50 07 Sep 2008

So does anyone do homebrew?
I'm thinking off making marrow rum again.
It's lethal stuff and more like moonshne.
But does have a high abv % level.

  Wilham 17:35 07 Sep 2008

We brewed once a long time ago. The product was fine, but never again, the smell hung around too long.

  Pineman100 17:41 07 Sep 2008

Marrow rum??

If you can drink more than one glass of that without your brain imploding, you should leave your body to science.

And I forecast that science won't have to wait long for it.

  spuds 18:00 07 Sep 2008

I had some drunken garden vegetables once. Made a load of home-brew, when home brewing was the craze. Got fed up one day and decided that all the filled containers were taking up to much place, so had a garden party and tipped the lot away.

The neighbours still like the odd tipple of my peach throat soothing head banger.

  birdface 18:16 07 Sep 2008

My friend used to make home made lager.It was deadly stuff 2 0r 3 pints of that and you were crawling home.

  interzone55 19:59 07 Sep 2008

I used to make homebrew from kits, then I got adventurous and bought all the ingredients and made something that was stupidly strong and tasted not unlike special brew.

I gave some to a friend who took a slug and threw the rest of the grass across the lawn. It took a couple of seasons for that patch of grass to grow back and the remainder of the beer in the keg went down the drain.

Since then I've left the brewing to the good folks at Timothy Taylor...

  Stuartli 22:31 07 Sep 2008

Drinking at home bores me to tears - much rather be in the club or pub.

However, I do enjoy drinking in other people's homes.

  peter99co 22:31 07 Sep 2008

The only home brew I made was Ginger Beer and found it was pretty good. We used what we called a Ginger Beer Plant obtained from someone we knew and when your beer was made you started a new batch. It went on for ages until we found some other pastime to follow. Do people still make it the way we did? In large jam jars.

  Chegs ®™ 04:04 08 Sep 2008

The whole family have at some time or other been involved in home-brewing.My father made the beers & lagers,my mother the wines and other drinks,nettle/ginger beer,etc.My brother tried it using kits,it was evil.My sister started off her working life after Uni in a Home-Brewers Emporium in London.I've made both beers and wines,plus a batch of cider.

All the various brews have had just one common feature,they should be drunk in moderation and even that is no defense from the monsterous hang-overs that can result.My fathers brew was often handed out at social gatherings,seasoned drinkers would poopoo his suggestion to take it easy and state "I've never had any trouble even after 8 pints in the pub" They were often seen shortly after with their heads over the loo being sick,or crashing into objects as they staggered off home having consumed just 2 pints of his beer.

  laurie53 08:58 08 Sep 2008

My wife used to home brew a lot, particularly wine, anything past it's best - marmalade, peaches, strawberry jam, pie filling etc. All delicious and potent.

She once gave her mother a good batch of ginger beer. Unfortunately she omitted to tell her it was beer in the true sense, not the stuff you get from the supermarket.

Mother-in-Law was mortified but amused. Father-in-Law, who was above such kids' drinks, was furious!

  Quickbeam 09:04 08 Sep 2008

If you do make beer at home, you'll get a far superior product from using dried hops rather than a tin of home brew concentrate. You can get malt extract in a large quantity from bakers. If you really get into it you can malt your own barley and do everything from scratch...

Other than that it's easier to go just go to an off licence:)

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