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Home PC's are being targeted. Firewall essential!!

  Rigga 15:30 20 Sep 2004

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Always use a Firewall. (This is very important to stop the above attacks!, especially if you are on Broadband, and your connection is always on!)

Always use Anti Virus software, and keep it updated. (At least once a week.)


  Forum Editor 17:44 20 Sep 2004

to see Symantec saying that it's the Windows 95 and Windows 98 users who are the "key challenge" (as far as internet security is concerned), and that "Getting those people to upgrade and improve their security is going to make the difference."

I share that view - Windows XP has had some useful additions to its armoury with SP2 but Win95 and 98 are both increasingly vulnerable as far as the threats mentioned in the BBC article are concerned.

  Rigga 19:20 20 Sep 2004

I agree FE that Win 95 and 98 are the key area's where security is concerned, but the threat will lessen over time, especially from 95 machines, which are coming to the end of their life cycle.

98SE however is still in fairly wide use, and I would guess that a lot of 98/SE computers will be in use for a considerable time to come. I myself have a bootable 98SE partition so that I can test backwards compatibility of Software.

Which is why I am slightly surprised that given the security emphasis of recent MS press releases, and stance, that 98/SE has not had a MS patch to include a rudimentary firewall. I would guess that from MS point of view, they would rather people upgrade to XP, than make 98/SE more secure.

Having stated the above about 95 and 98/SE, I still feel that although XP is more secure and SP2 goes some way to addressing the standard XP/SP1 security issues, it does not go far enough. And I would always suggest it is better to install and use a dedicated software firewall, especially as they are available free of charge.

Which is why I have posted this thread. The more we can promote the awareness, of the need for security, the better.


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