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Home or away this Christmas?

  Forum Editor 22:25 17 Dec 2018

Where will you be?

  bumpkin 23:24 18 Dec 2018

Flak, “Nothing prepares you for the onslaught that grief visits upon your mind and body, life seems empty now and each day is to be endured rather than enjoyed.”

I have similar feelings as do many others. Nobody else can possibly understand or begin to imagine unless in the same situation. This will be my 3rd xmas without my wife and that is the time of year it really seems to hit home. Whether one ever gets over it I don’t know . Children and friends this year, never the same but all I have. If that is the hand we have been dealt then we must play it. Nothing I can do or say to help but I do understand.

PS, PM me if you get really down we don’t live far apart.

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