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Home or away this Christmas?

  Forum Editor 22:25 17 Dec 2018

Where will you be?

  Aitchbee 22:31 17 Dec 2018

I walk round to my neice's house on Christmas day about 2pm where all of my close family will congregate. Usually get a lift home about 9pm. All of the adult's are getting an envelope with dosh inside but my great-neice [aged 6] will get a guitar and extras.

  HondaMan 23:19 17 Dec 2018

My wife and I will be at home. Both sets of parents dead, no children (by choice), no other relatives, few real friends.

  Blackhat 01:28 18 Dec 2018

Most definately at home. After 10 years of pain, canceled hip replacement & pelvic fracture, I have just self funded my new hip which was fitted 3 days ago. Just got back home and recuperating for a few weeks.

  [DELETED] 02:33 18 Dec 2018


  mole44 05:27 18 Dec 2018

Home first Christmas without my beloved wife of 47 years who passed this year with dementia i have few friends family far away,but think positive thoughts will get me and all of through through.

  john bunyan 07:08 18 Dec 2018


So sorry for your loss. I am sure all the Forum will be thinking of you and hope you get through the day . It would be good if a relative or neighbours children could spend a few minutes with you.

  oresome 08:30 18 Dec 2018

We'll be at home and my daughter and her partner plus their dog will be coming round, much to the annoyance of the cat that she left behind when she got her own place.

It would be nice to be catered for now we are getting older but their house is too small and I doubt my daughter knows how to turn the oven on.

My thoughts go out to those of you who will be lonely over Christmas. It can be a difficult time and I echo John's sentiments.

  Matt. 09:13 18 Dec 2018

My wife is Monegasque and we are off to Monaco to stay with my her family for Xmas and new year. When we arrive the temp will be about 16 deg which will be a damn sight warmer than coastal Suffolk!

  Brumas 10:18 18 Dec 2018

We Shall be spending Christmas in Preston with our Son & Daughter and the ankle biters, who are now nearly 4 years old - rest we shall not have but we will have much joy and laughter.

Our thoughts will be with those less fortunate than us without families and loved ones to share it with.

  wee eddie 10:39 18 Dec 2018

I have always found Christmas extremely stressful (possibly because of being very borderline Autistic), but had fallen in with family pressure to join one branch or another. This year, with both parents gone to the land beyond, and all other family members Christmasing with other in-Laws, I'm looking forward to a peaceful Christmas on my own.

I don't really know whether I shall enjoy it, but I expect to.

It has already involved a certain amount of experimentation. For example. It has been a family tradition to go over the top with Brandy Butter and I was the chief maker. Last night I made an experimental batch of brandy cream and discovered that double cream will hold a lot more brandy than butter. Definitely somewhat tipsy be the conclusion of the sampling but it was improved by adding a drip of vanilla essence.

I think that I will enjoy the gustatory side of things!

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