Home blood pressure monitors, anyone using one?

  Blackhat 15:57 21 Jul 2019

Hi, due to recent hospital visits I have had my blood pressure measured multiple times a day. I am now well and back home, out of curiosity I purchased a home monitor. My readings in hospital were always average but my monitor consistently gives me readings below average. Is it wise to accept that home monitors are not as accurate? I think that as long as the readings remain about the same I don't have much to worry about. Does anyone else have experience of these gadgets, I am not enquiring about any medical issues, just feedback on experience.

  wiganken2 16:05 22 Jul 2019

To the OP (Blackhat): - It would be nice if you let us all know if the feedback was helpful.

  Blackhat 20:39 22 Jul 2019

Hi guys, thank you for your replies, much appreciated. Very much what I expected, I much prefer the responses on this forum compared to others that tend to be very over opinionated and full off B.S. I will continue to monitor and will request a calibration on my next GP visit.

  Taff™ 10:44 23 Jul 2019

My GP uses an Omron! I bought the MIT5s which (Eventually) linked by bluetooth to my phone and it records all my BP results so dead easy to show my GP. The machine does store 100 reading on it's own and consecutive tests within 10 minutes are averaged. It can also store 2 peoples readings seperately - just remember to flick the selector switch!

  Blackhat 11:35 23 Jul 2019

Hi, Omron seems quite popular, mine is an alternative. It stores 100 readings for 2 users. I am still consistent at 108/65. Any dramatic changes will send me to GP. Interestingly my wife is consistently 140/85 but no issuses with recent GP visit.

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