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Home blood pressure monitors, anyone using one?

  Blackhat 15:57 21 Jul 2019

Hi, due to recent hospital visits I have had my blood pressure measured multiple times a day. I am now well and back home, out of curiosity I purchased a home monitor. My readings in hospital were always average but my monitor consistently gives me readings below average. Is it wise to accept that home monitors are not as accurate? I think that as long as the readings remain about the same I don't have much to worry about. Does anyone else have experience of these gadgets, I am not enquiring about any medical issues, just feedback on experience.

  geoff96 16:12 21 Jul 2019

The wife has suffered from raised blood pressure for the last few years and the doctors put her on 5mg amlodipine and all has been well. She purchased a blood pressure monitor from Lloyd's chemist. Her readings went upto 195 over 145. She tried mine and mine consistently was 170 over 110.

I went to the doctors to check @ age 70. Mine was 125 over 65. The wife's was 140 over 80.

It is stuck in a cupboard with the rest of articles never used.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:20 21 Jul 2019

Yes wife uses one everyday and its always below the reading she gets when going to the Docs or Hospital.

Your BP may be higher at theses venues, it's refereed to as white coat syndrome, your BP increases due to anxiety. As long as it stays within recommended guide lines its OK.

On my last test at the Docs told him I didn't do high blood pressure "What do you mean he said" I replied "If I worried about high blood pressure then that would make it rise so I don't worry about it". Told him it would be 125 over 63. He measured it and it and it was spot on those figures. :0)

  wiganken2 17:27 21 Jul 2019

I told my doctor I had bought an 'OMRON M2 Basic' BP monitor and he said to bring it into the surgery and they would check it. They did this by putting my monitor on one arm and their own BP kit on my other arm and then checking my BP at the same time. In my case they said the OMRON results were 'close-to' to their readings and they were happy for me to use it. They accept the readings I take at home. Suggest you ask your doctor/nurse to carry out the same calibration / comparison test.

  wiganken2 17:38 21 Jul 2019

I should have added that only upper arm monitors (like my OMRON M2 Basic) are considered accurate so take this into account as well.

  HondaMan 17:41 21 Jul 2019

Yes. My wife uses one regularly. The readings are always within 10% of the "official" readings

  canarieslover 20:20 21 Jul 2019

We use one regularly, around once a fortnight, and don't worry too much unless the readings vary much from the norm that we have established from using it. Six monthly checks at the doctor's confirm that our machine isn't too far out with it's readings. Just recently our surgery has introduced a b/p machine in the waiting room and you just report to reception, tell them you are going to use it, and then procede. They tell you to take the measurement three times as you have just walked in and the exercise may have temporarily increased your b/p, then let them know if the next two readings differ by much. Advantage I see is that you don't have to wait, some people get worked up just waiting, and then the distraction takes away the white coat syndrome fear that being with doctor or nurse might cause. Wait and see how it goes as my wife is going this week to get her's done this way.

  Bald Eagle 23:23 21 Jul 2019

Used an Omron for years always within 1 or 2 of Doctor's method.

  oresome 08:06 22 Jul 2019

I use a wrist monitor and it doesn't vary significantly from the Doctor's readings.

Taking the reading two or three times never gives exactly the same reading and in my case I'm happy with somewhere around 120 over 70.

My wife did take ours in once and compared it with the nurse's and they gave similar readings.

  Pine Man 08:29 22 Jul 2019

I'm an Omron user as well. It was recommended by my doctors and they are happy to accept my readings.

I was advised that id there was some concern about your blood pressure the best way to get an accurate check was to take readings as follows:- Each day take three readings a few minutes apart in the morning and again in the afternoon. Record the lowest morning and afternoon reading of each set and repeat for seven days. Delete the first days readings and then average out the remaining six days.

  amonra 13:32 22 Jul 2019

The actual reading is not so important as a CONSISTANT reading. Most of these home machines are not designed to be 100% accurate, they give a fairly good gestimate of the true reading. As long as your readings are taken at about the same time of day in the same surroundings, then the readings should be fairly consistent. Any wildly inaccurate reading needs to be taken again to confirm its veracity.

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