Holy hard drives spikeychris!

  Forum Editor 15:40 17 Jul 2004

That's a hard one - so many memories............

Worst day: The day after we closed the old Lounge forum. Some people couldn't accept that their favourite place had gone and they reacted by trying to sabotage the other forum areas. I also got a lot of hate mail, and some of it was awful. I won't go into details, but it wasn't a happy time.

Best day: The day I learnt that we had been nominated for an award - The best community publishing site in the UK - a couple of years ago. We were pipped at the post by one of the big daily newspapers, I forget which one.

busiest day: see worst day.

Quietest day: When the forum went offline earlier this year during the server changeover.

I truth it isn't easy to recall landmark days. Much of my time here has been truly enjoyable, and I've seen both the worst and the best sides of human nature. Fortunately the good far outweighs the bad, and I consider that we're very fortunate in having some really lovely people as regular forum helpers. Without them my job would be impossible.

It's always fairly busy in my office because I have other things going on the whole time. Apart from being FE I have a business to run, and of course I write a regular page in the magazine. That involves research and meetings etc., and inevitably I'm struggling to meet my deadline. Fortunately we have in Guy Dixon one of the best magazine editors in the business, and I can always rely on him to bail me out of trouble if I'm a bit late with my copy.

It may not see like it at times, but this forum is fun as far as I'm concerned. It has its ups and downs, but it has a life of its own, and is addictive. I've been here for along time now (as have some of you) and you would have to dynamite me out of this chair after all this time.

Thanks Chris, for providing an opportunity for me to say that.

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