Holly leaves gone non-prickly

  Ava Gardner 19:34 10 Jul 2013

My holly tree is probably more than 40 years having been found at the property at the time we bought the property. Over the past 5 years I have noticed that the leaves on the tree are not as prickly as before. Is there anything I can do to make the leaves prickly again? Ava

  morddwyd 19:57 10 Jul 2013

The prickles are a protective device to stop it being eaten.

That's why you will frequently find the leaves at the top of a big holly are "prickle-less" (and quite soft).

A 40 year old tree does not have to worry about being eaten!

Best solution is to chop it down and start again!

  woody 20:19 10 Jul 2013

"Best solution is to chop it down and start again!" NO NO NO unless you are sure its terminal.

click here good article.


  wee eddie 20:42 10 Jul 2013

Better start chewing on a leaf or two!

  bumpkin 21:17 10 Jul 2013

If you like the tree let nature take it's course. I have a few probably around the same age, just leave it would be my advice.

  Quickbeam 21:59 10 Jul 2013

I've always found the leaves to be much more prickly when I've used the hedge trimmer. After some of them have been on the ground for a year or more, they are even more prickly.

  Aitchbee 20:25 11 Jul 2013

I [only recently - it was last week] noticed a holy tree growing very near the side entrance of my local pub 'The Queen's Park Cafe' on the southside of Glasgow. I don't usually go near the side entrance/exit but because it was very busy and hot I decided to stand at that exit. Anyway, the ivy tree looked very healthy and prickly ... it seemed to be growing out from the foundations of the pub!

I'll have to back 'n' investigate, tomoro ;o]

  Aitchbee 20:26 11 Jul 2013

Holy = Holly; I don't know how the ivy tree got into the act?

  Quickbeam 21:10 11 Jul 2013

poison ivy?

  Quickbeam 21:12 11 Jul 2013
  Quickbeam 21:16 11 Jul 2013

How come Holly & Ivy made it as girls names, but not Poison Ivy?

I've known plenty in my time that would have suited that name...

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