laurie53 09:35 01 Jul 2007

We’re just back from holiday, except that we’re not actually back from anywhere.

We’ve had a “self catering at home” week. We first did this when the family was smaller and money was a bit tight, but now we still do it now and again just for fun.

The idea is that you carry on just as you would on a normal self-catering, but you stay at home and visit all those places you’ve been meaning to go to, or go back to, and all those restaurants which look so nice (so OK, that’s a addition in more recent and affluent times!).

When was the last time you visited your local museum, or art gallery, theatre, pop festival?

There are certain ground rules - it lasts from Saturday to Saturday, no housework except washing the dishes and making the beds, and maybe washing cossies and smalls. Each member of the family over age say 12 is responsible for their own breakfast (though in reality no-one makes just one bacon roll, do they?), and their own “third meal”, and each member of the family is responsible, in turn, for providing the main meal of the day, be it take away, restaurant or supermarket ready meal. The cost comes out of the holiday fund, but everyone, once again over say 12, is responsible for providing and preparing the meal themselves.

Trust me it works, and it’s fun and you can still watch a nice big TV and use the PCA forum without having to find a hot spot.

Best of all, you don’t have to book!


  Pine Man 09:55 01 Jul 2007

We did exactly the same a couple of years ago in Chichester where we live.

We went to the Tourist Information Office and loaded up with brochures then became tourists for a week in and around the city we have lived in for 25 years.

Absolutely brilliant

  Bingalau 10:21 01 Jul 2007

Yes we seem to miss the treasures on our own doorstep. I had German friends over last year and we visited places we had never bothered with before. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral was a real eye opener. What a magnificent building, the thing that surprised me most was that it is made of sandstone blocks and there are thousands of them, but no two are the same. In the center of the cathedral was a structure which had been paid for by Liverpool Church/Cathedral goers. topped off with a huge cross. This was given to the Frauen Kirche in Dresden Germany, to fit on the very top of the cathedral as a gift from the people of Liverpool. It is now in place and looks brilliant.

  Forum Editor 10:33 01 Jul 2007

I might suggest it at the next management meeting.

I've lived in London for a long time, yet there must be dozens of things I haven't done/seen. I've never visited the Tower of London for instance.

  Cymro. 10:58 01 Jul 2007

It is very often the way of things that we don`t appreciate or visit the holiday attractions on our own doorstep. I live in a holiday area on the edge of a national park and with some of the best beaches in the country. I live within half an hour of the foot of Snowdon, but have never been to the top. I bet there are many Londoners who have never been in to the Tower Of London etc.

If it was not for the weather there would be very little need for going abroad on holiday. The sort of holiday that laurie53 describes is the sort of thing we used to do with my children when they were little, O! happy days etc.

  Brumas 11:04 01 Jul 2007

Couldn't afford a holiday this year so I spent a week at Loggerheads, by WindowSill Bay, with the wife ;o)

No, seriously what a marvellous idea but, having said that we have only lived here just over six years, so we are still exploring and finding out all the marvellous things this beautiful, unspoilt corner of North Northumberland has to offer.

  Kate B 11:43 01 Jul 2007

Peter - avoid the Tower like the plague. It's horrendous. London's tourist attractions are often massively over-rated and expensive.

  Forum Editor 12:17 01 Jul 2007

Thanks - you've confirmed what I always thought. I'll continue driving past, and content myself with looking at the queues.

Madame Tussauds has always been a particular bete noir - I can't understand why anyone would want to go there. One of my brothers is a sculptor, and for some years he worked for Madame Tussauds on a freelance basis. I've never seen any of that work because I can't bring myself to enter the place.

  spuds 12:21 01 Jul 2007

Local museums, now thats a very interesting thought. Haven't been to the many museums in our area for possibly 20 years or so. Diary note-Make effort, and soon.

  lisa02 12:58 01 Jul 2007

laurie53 we've been doing this on 'weeks off work' or WOW for short, for quite a while.

Been to almost every single attraction in NI. We regularly day trip to different places around the country. Then repeat to see what's changed or what's new.

  rodriguez 13:10 01 Jul 2007

We did this in 1996 when we had no money to go anywhere on holiday. Just spent a week having days out (to places no further than about 90 mins or 2 hours drive) and it worked quite well.

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