holiday insurance

  Pamy 22:22 23 Jan 2006

hello everyone,

I`ve booked a holiday to go to the south of France.

which insurance provider would you recommend, for the best value for a single trip holiday in europe?

  stalion 22:23 23 Jan 2006

Direct line

  €dstowe 22:27 23 Jan 2006

Try the one who supplies your household and other insurance. You may get a better deal.

  stalion 22:28 23 Jan 2006

or have a look here click here

  Pamy 22:49 23 Jan 2006

Thank you both for info, have just tried two from stalion, will try house insurers tomorrow.


  exdragon 23:03 23 Jan 2006

Try Direct Travel, very reasonable click here

  Pamy 23:11 23 Jan 2006

exmpdragon, they gave an exellent quote, but nead to find what is covered.

Yhanks for link.


  Totally-braindead 23:52 23 Jan 2006

Try your bank, depending on your account you may have free insurance, my parents do something have a gold account(they aren't rich sadly), all they have to do is tell them when the trip is and how long its for.

  €dstowe 09:20 24 Jan 2006

Totally-braindead has the best notion.

I forgot but some credit cards provide automatic insurance if you pay for your holidy through the card.

It may be only gold cards that do this service but it would be a good idea to check even if you don't have one of those.

  exdragon 10:39 24 Jan 2006

I've used Direct Travel for several short trips to France, and also a 5 week holiday in New Zealand recently which ended with their underwriters arranging to fly me home first class (on medical advice), in a knee brace and on crutches. This was arranged between my getting home from hospital at 5.30 in the afternoon and 10.00 the same night. First class service from a wheelchair at Auckland, ditto through LA and ditto to the car at Heathrow Airport!

  spuds 11:08 24 Jan 2006

Check out the bank theory, it may save you money, especially if you buy your travel tickets by credit card.

But remember to disclose 'any' medical problems, as the insurers are getting very strict about pay-outs. A typical case recently, was a gentleman who had an heart attack in America, and after putting an heavy claim for medical expenses, it was rejected due to the non-disclosure of an hospital heart check a number of years ago, that had remained on his GP's records, which he had forgotten all about.

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