Hobbits labeled as 'subversive'...

  Quickbeam 14:12 21 Sep 2007

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Couldn't believe this one... even Middle Earth is suffering racism!

  Legolas 18:24 21 Sep 2007

Looks like the Dark Lord wants to spoil their fun ;-).

Seriously this reminds us that we in the UK still live in a free society we can dress up as Hobbits as much as we like. This freedom should be jealously guarded.

  Forum Editor 18:45 21 Sep 2007

is very popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union, where thousands of fans dress up and re-enact scenes from the book......

It's our lifestyle. The police don't like it, but we aren't going to stop. It's our entire life."

There's actually very little one can say, is there?

  mitsme 12:38 24 Sep 2007

Hairy feet ARE a wee bit scary. But so are women shotputters. Don't seem to see many of them around these days. I think I see a pattern emerging! :))

  wiz-king 12:51 24 Sep 2007

I think it's because they eat two breakfasts!

  mitsme 13:06 24 Sep 2007

Nope, it's the pipe weed & possibly the dodgy waistcoats.

  Riojaa 16:33 24 Sep 2007

From the article "thousands of fans dress up and re-enact scenes from the book".

It's a bit mean, don't you think, arresting these simple people for seemingly just walking and walking for hours on end and doing absolutely nothing else!

Glad we don't see anyone, within here, taking on any of the roles from that Ring Master circus.

  jakimo 02:34 30 Sep 2007

You can legally dress up as a Hobbit if your that way inclined ,but we cant legally drive a van without a "NO SMOKING" sticker attached! so much for freedom in either place.

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